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Wazifas to marry a particular person are totally haram and forbidden in Islam.  Do not do any wazifa to marry anyone as you would be using Quran for some thing which is equivalent to black magic. You will be seriously harmed. If it was allowed, we would all be married to a movie star. 

Even if your marriage has been arranged or you are already engaged, and there are problems, you must do an istikhara only. Islam does not recognise engagement as a relationship of any kind.

If your family is arranging your marriage with someone and you wish to marry that person, you must do an istikhara only. no wazifa can be done also.

Only a Wali Allah can change your luck. no wazifa will do that for you. 

Only Allah knows what is best for you. I get a lot of emails everyday from brothers and sisters who did a love marriage. That love disappeared after few years and now their lives are literally hell. They want help to sort out their miserable lives. This is the result of marrying someone without doing an istikhara. Let Allah decide what is good for you in future. No matter how innocent your love is, there is no guarantee that you or your partner will feel the same after 5-10 years.

You can only do an istikhara as ORDERED by our Holy Prophet. The method is written in the website. If it is good for you, it will happen automatically without the need for a wazifa.

You have been warned.۔


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Wa alaikum assalam

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