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Who Can We Give Zakat To?

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can we give zakat to for example st. jude hosptial...the money helps pay for the kids medical bills for parents who cant afford it.  I belive the health care is free because people donate and helps the famlies out. ALso how about operation smiles? kids with cleft palates, helps to give them surgeries....this is for kids...technically muslim and non, then again arent kids pure , technically are they muslim?

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Assalamo alaikum

You can give sadakah to both Muslims and non Muslims in need. But for zakah, your first priority should be that you give your zakah to the poor and needy Muslims. If you have any poor relatives, give them from your zakah first, before giving to non relatives. Then the poor Muslims in your neighborhood, then in your town and so on. The closer to your area the better.

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