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Sleeping Away The Night.

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Assalam alaikum,

 Sheikh Abu Bakr Dhaheer, may Allah be plesed with him, narrates: "I had a young, hansome slave who used to fast daily and spend the nights in Ibaadat. One day he came to me and said: 'Last night I went to sleep without reciting my awraad (plural of wird-zikr). In a dream I saw a few exceptionally beautiful damsels emerging out of the wall which had spilt open. One among them was extremely ugly. Never had I seen an ugly person in my life. I asked them: 'To whom do you belong and for whom is the ugly one?'


 They said: 'We are all your past nights (of Ibaadat) and the ugly one is your last night when you had slept away (missing your Ibaadat). If you had died this night, she would have fallen to your share permanently. After narrating this dream, the youth let out a shriek and his soul departed from his physical body."



Culled from: "ORHARDS OF LOVE", being a publication of

Mujlisul Ulama of South Africa, (Apri, 2001).

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