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The Martyrdom Of Kayla Mueller

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Kayla Mueller was a young Christian American woman who served in Palestine with ISM. I never met her, but like everyone else who has served in our group, she stood in solidarity with the Palestinian people and probably faced teargas and threats and saw human right abuses being perpetrated on an everyday basis.


Afterwards she went to Syria- a situation far worse than even the West Bank- to try to help people there suffering because of the war, and ISIS kidnapped her.


They initially claim she was killed in an airstrike but it turns out this was a lie.

The dog and pervert Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi took her as his "wife". She was "married" to him and told to convert to Islam, and raped repeatedly. She was also starved, and had her fingernails pulled out. Despite the horrors she was suffering, she would share her food with Yazidi women and girl prisoners, who were also his "sex slaves".

One of them, who escaped, recounted she heard him laughing that she did not die in airstrike but that she was murdered because she was an American.


I have to confess that I am at a stage in my life where I don't know for certain what the truth right now is about who God is and which religion He wants us to follow, but I pray He will grant her Paradise and comfort her family. As a Christian I know shouldn't say this, but part of me hopes this p.o.s. who did this to her and only God knows how many other innocent civilians in Iraq and Syria will be wind up in the hands of someone who is even more evil and cruel than he is and get at least a small taste of what his victims have gone through.



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One day there will be justice , and it will not come by the hand of man . If this Universe is a creation of God , and I believe it is ,there will be justice .

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She is free of pain and suffering, may she rest in peace.


God see all and there is no escaping His divine justice.

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