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Belief And The Limits Of Human Intelligence In Islam

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If Allah has the ability to recognize change, then He must have a system somewhat comparable to our time.

And if Allah has always existed, so too must this potential for 'change'.

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Do you mean change in or to God or change around him. However, perhaps every moment for God is now in the past, present or future.

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This sort of inquiry can quickly turn into some sort of word salad if we're not careful.

There aren't many people I know that can explain time and space in a way that is comprehensive to the average Joe.

And then we'll be back in the position of someone shouting out "Yeah. But it's all about the faith, man. Woah!".


For example:


If the past, the present and the future, occur in an instant, for God (outside of time), then we're already dead.

The universe that He chose (in the absence of time and/or before it) has already ceased to be...


Think about it. To recognise a 'change' of any kind, certain parameters must be met.

Some property of a thing must share a property of some other thing.

If the mind/soul and the body are two distinct forms, what do they share that allows them to communicate?


But if you just want to say that God can know and do anything, purely by definition, then that seems to get most people by.

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