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3 Year Old Palestinian Girl Shot In Head With Rubber Bullet

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Today, as every Friday, there were violent clashes taking place in Kafr Kaddum, the village where for years people have been fighting for the right to use their own road.

Three year old Maram Abed al-Latif al-Qaddumi was standing on her balcony. Maybe she was playing. Maybe she was resting. Maybe she was watching the chaos taking place. She was certainly not taking part in the demonstration.
To the soldiers, no doubt enraged by the boys and young men throwing rocks and refusing to retreat from the teargas and live ammunition and skunk water and "rubber bullets", it didn't matter. One of them evidently saw her, took aim, and fired.
Shot with a rubber coated steel bullet, she was hit in the head, and began bleeding heavily. Her father rushed her to an ambulance. He was shot also.
Fortunately, after a few hours they were released. Thank God she is alive. I have a hard time even beginning to imagine how much hatred it must take to be able to shoot a rubber bullet at a toddler.
Praying for peace and justice. There needs to be a situation where both Palestinians and israelis live in freedom and equality, and where no parent has  to live with the fear that his or her child may be shot.

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