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The Integrals Of As-Ṣalāh

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The Integrals (or Pillars) of As-Ṣalāh
Its basic, essential components which it is composed of; to such an extent that
it is not permissible to not perform them in any situation. This means that
they are not to be left out intentionally or unintentionally; except when there
is a case of incapacity.

Firstly: The Integrals of As-Ṣalāh:

1- Intention

2- Standing in obligatory Ṣalāt (with ability to do

3- Initiating or the first Takbeer

4- Recitation of Al-Fatiha

5- Bowing

6- Rising upright from bowing

7- Prostrating on the seven parts

8- Sitting between the two prostrations

9- Sitting for the final at-Tashahud

10- Reciting the final at-Tashahud

11- Reciting blessings on the Prophet during the final

12- At-Tasleem (the saying of as-Salaamu’alaykum
which marks the end of Ṣalāt)

13- Serenity when performing every essential part of Ṣalāt.

14- Performing all of the above-mentioned essential
parts in sequence

The integral of salat



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