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Shaykh Hasan ibn Mohammed al-Sanani

Shaykh Hasan al-Sanani comes from a noble Yemeni family with a history of Islamic scholarship stemming back centuries and including illustrious personalities such as the great Qadhi (Chief Justice) Ali ibn Qasim ibn Jabir al-Sanhani al-Jawzi who was from the lineage of teachers of great scholars such as al-Ameer al-Sanani and Imam al-Shawkani. The latter dedicating an entire section of his well known book al-Badr al-Talay (The Rising Moon) to a biography of the great Qadhi.

For him, growing up in this pious family, meant that he was constantly in contact with scholars and benefiting from their gatherings.

In the early 90s the Shaykh travelled with his father -a well known Yemeni diplomat- to the US and resided there for several years, acquiring the English language and an understanding of Western mindset, before returning to Yemen to complete his education.

Upon completing his secular education, he felt a strong calling to fulfill the bequest of his now deceased grandfather -to become an Islamic scholar-therefore, over the next 10 years he immersed himself in the study of the sacred sciences travelling throughout Yemen and studying at its most famous seats of learning and with its most erudite scholars.

This took him to study at the hands of the well known Bani 'Alawi Ulama of Hadramawt at both the Dar al-Mustapha and Ribaat Tarim, then he continued Quranic studies in Sana'a. 

Some of the many scholars he was privileged to study with are:

Ahmed ibn Mohammed Shubar; al-Qadhi Ismail al-Imrani; al-Habeeb Abu Bakr al-Adani; al-Habeeb Salim ibn Abdullah al-Shatri; Mohammed Habib al-Kamali al-Awdaghestani and Umar al-Zaezaa al-Tarimi.

His specialisation lies in the books of the Shafi' heritage of scholars with a particular focus on the works of Imam al-Ghazali, Imam al-Suyuti, Imam Ibn Hajr and the well known Yemeni Ulama.

Before fleeing his beloved war-torn Yemen to escape the Houthi rebels, he resided in Sana'a and served as the Imam and Khateeb of the well known Masjid Ustaa on Zubayri Road of Sana'a.

He has been invited to and travelled to India, Bangladesh, Djibouti, Jordan, Kenya and Malaysia to spread the sacred sciences and Cordoba Academy are honoured to have him teaching with us in our upcoming international retreat.

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