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Uloom Al-Hadith Course @ 4Everymuslim.com

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4Every Muslim


is proud to announce a new course

Uloom Al-Hadith


with Shaykh Dr. Mateen Khan

In a day and age where the word hadith is on every Muslim’s tongue, it’s imperative to learn its definition and the science behind it. 4Every Muslim proudly presents our new course: Uloom al-Hadith taught by Shaykh Dr. Mateen Khan. After this course, you will understand the role of Hadith in Islam and its ‘behind-the-scenes’ usage in fiqh.
Topics Covered:
* Why do we need Hadith when we have the Qur’an?
* Definitions of the terminology and types of hadiths.
* The need for a principled approach (Usool al-Hadith).
* How exactly did the hadiths get collected and passed down to us?
* What makes a hadith Saheeh or Da`eef?
* Biographies of Famous Hadith Scholars (male and female). 
Who is this for?
This course is suitable for students, scholars or anyone who wishes to have a more detailed understanding of the Sciences of Hadith. Gain insight into the effort put behind these sciences and an appreciation of the Hadith and its scholars in ways you didn’t know existed.
How long is the course?
The duration of this course will be a total of 15 classes which will be about 40 minutes each. Each class will be released twice a week and will be accessible 24/7.
Who’s teaching it?
The introductory lesson will be taught by Shaykh Ibrahim Madani and the rest of the course will be taught by Shaykh Dr. Mateen Khan.
Shaykh Dr. Mateen Khan was born and raised in the Philadelphia area. He completed his medical degree from Temple University Medical School, and specialized in Emergency Medicine.
As he began practicing as an Emergency Medicine physician, Shaykh Dr. Mateen simultaneously enrolled in the prestigious seminary program at Darul Uloom Al-Madania in Buffalo, where he spent six years intensively studying core disciplines of the traditional Islamic sciences, such as Arabic, Quranic Exegesis (tafsir), Prophetic Traditions (hadith), Jurisprudence (fiqh), and other related subjects. As the new branch of the seminary opened in Chatham, Ontario by the name of Darul Uloom Canada, he relocated to it and completed his graduation there, gaining ijazas or authorizations to teach the various subjects, most notably, the six most authentic books of hadith, namely, Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Sunan At-Tirmidhi, Sunan an-Nasai, Sunan ibn Majah and Sunan Abu Dawud.
His teachers include Shaykh al-Hadith Abdul Moiz, Shaykh Mansoor Memon Madani, Mufti Husain Ahmed, Shaykh Asim Ahmed and 4Every Muslim’s very own Shaykh Ibrahim Madani.
How much is it?
$30 Registration fee
When does it start?
January, 2016
Where do I register?

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