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Raising Muslim Children In Islam

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When it comes to children –this blessing arrives with a huge responsibility. As parents, it is our responsibility to craft them into best personalities, better Muslims and great human beings.  Mainly, Muslim parenting revolves around making them punctual for their prayers and reading Quran. Surely this is an obligatory Muslim practice and hence has to be applied properly, however we must also strive to provide the greater objective of Islamic education.

A part of practical aspects of curriculum education, enhancing learning abilities and maintaining a balance between professional and religious education, we have to provide our children the true Islamic virtues that is essential for the immediate success in this world and guarantees their ultimate accomplishment in the hereafter.


More info at: Raising Muslim Children

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Some people could have done with an education before they were told to follow the ways of Muhammed. And we don't have to look far to find these people.

Getting the mixture wrong may leave your child with no greater compulsion than to fight for Islam. Or the God of whatever religion he feels most influenced by.


It is possible to convince your child of anything (just so you know). And so long as the idea remains unchallenged, he/she will continue to believe so.


Think about it. If you taught your child to believe in the flying spaghetti monster, what sort of evidence would you need (later in life) to prove that He does not exist?... There is none.

Just as we cannot prove for certain that Allah, nor Thor exist, your child will struggle just the same to shake the idea of an all powerful bowl of spaghetti (parmesan be upon him).


Provide your child with the reasoning skills to find their own way. Don't tell them that you are certain of an afterlife & the everlasting tortures that await, should they not believe.

You can force whatever you like into their tiny heads, but you can't call it an 'education'. It is a response out of fear & not at all praiseworthy... Your own fear of damnation lends very little justification.

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 As-Salaam alaikum,


 Thank You, abdulmajeed3 for your reminder above. You spoke from the perspective of being a Muslim, and advising us to raise our children as Muslims... Servants of Allah.. the Ever-Almighty and Ever-Glorious Lord of the Universe.

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You are only as sure of yourself as the other devout members of other religions are sure of themselves.

You teach your kids to believe what you believe because you think it to be true. Just as they do.


So we have thousands of different gods and religions, all shouting 'we have the truth, we have the truth'.

But not a single member of any religion who can actually point to something as justification for their belief, besides emotion.


If you manage to 'break' your child during this indoctrination and he takes himself off to Iraq to blow up other children at a fruit market,

remember what you thought was right and endeavoured to encourage in others.


Best of luck.

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