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There has been a lot of talks about the Canadian bill C-51.  The bottom line is bill grants unprecedented access to security services It continued Bill C-51 could see Canadian Federal Court judges asked to authorize lawbreaking or unconstitutional behavior by a covert agency whose mandate would extend beyond spying.

Obviously, the actual bill is intended for MUSLIMS and tracking down their movements.  

Anyone having thoughts about this issue?




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    • By mgharaibeh
      Aaron Driver, an Islamic State supporter was arrested earlier today at his home in Strathroy.
      Here is how the Canadian media released the info:
      1- Aaron Driver was arrested at his home at noon as he was preparing a terrorist attack. RCMP confirmed the arrest
      2- Aaron Driver was shot dead by a sniper around evening time and police looking for the shooter
      3- Aaron Driver was killed by police as he detonated a bomb injuring a police officer and was about to detonate another bomb around at night.  Police will make statement tomorrow noon.
      It is worth mentioning that Aaron Driver was once arrested and released on a peace bond and he had to stay in Strathroy.  Aaron who was a sympathizer only on twitter and was not even good at it, was able to build at least two bombs while being on a peace bond.
      I guess the only logical explanation is that Aaron refused to cooperate with RCMP or local police and hence he was killed.  He died not as a terrorist, he died as a hero.

    • By mgharaibeh
      Western powers have united in their fight against Islamic state, yet they forgot the crimes committed by the Assad regime or the execution of the Sunnah in Iran just because they are Sunnah.  Unfortunately, now a days, it is not Western against Islamic state but also Muslims puppets against Islamic State.