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To Be Just Like The Perfect Man - By M.taylor

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Good day and Assalam-Mualaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatu.


My name is Muhammad Taylor, I am 23 years of age and I am from South Africa. My occupations is mainly Psychology and Teaching English as well as a bit of Political work on the side. 


My life-story is not a very pleasant one but I will let you in on my dream. I want to reach a state of Imaan so fantastic and glorious, that bringing this world right will be inevitably cemented in fate's eye.

To bring you on track, I will explain why. Even though I was a born Muslim of the 21st Century, a few years ago I turned atheist because of the so-called, 'Islamic Way'. I was taught Islam totally incorrectly, but being a child at the time I wasn't really in any position to debate with an adult. So out of total anger, I regrettably forsook Islam for a few years. 


In my later years (Thank God) I was given my Imaan back 500 million times stronger, along with secrets only a few people in this world are ever disclosed with. I promised Allah Ta' ala then and there I would use the knowledge, wisdom, intelligence and power He gave me to follow the Prophet (SAW)'s perfect example and help those who are arrogant and ignorant (like the old me) simply gain the Inspiration and love for them to develop into better Muslims.


I will make no mistakes with this goal of mine. Unfortunately, some people are the architects of their own destruction, all I can do is help... I am here to learn, critique, debate and teach everyone who is willing. So many people misunderstand and underestimate this religion and its power, its time for a WORLD-WIDE CHANGE and I'm going to help everyone, because He's on my side ;).


Thank you and Jazak-Allah.

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Wa alaikum assalam

welcom.gif to Gawaher


I'm glad you decided to join us. I hope that you find your stay here at IF beneficial, as well as enjoyable, and inshaAllah we benefit from each other.


As we advise all new comers, please take a moment to read our Forum Rules. This will greatly enhance your understanding of this community, and ensures a smooth relation with everyone around here.


As a new member, you will notice a number of temporary limitations. Please read about them here:

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And now here is your welcome drink, on the house!

So sit back, and let me pour you a glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice!



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