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Hello, good day and Assalam-Mualaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatu


Have you ever wondered where Ayatul-Kursi came from? Or why people say it's powerful?

Well, I only heard this when I was 20 years old, but all those other years were wasted because my belief wasn't powerful enough.


A long time ago the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) asked one of his Sahaba (close friend) to watch the goods at the camp for the evening whilst everyone rested. This was surely an easy task and the Sahaba complied. Unfortunately, during the even a thief came and attempted to steal something, lucky enough, the Sahaba caught him and threatened that he was going to call the Prophet (SAW). However the man began to cry begging the Sahaba that he needed to steal something so he could get food for his family. Being the softhearted man he was, the Sahaba let him go. The next morning the Prophet asked the Sahaba if anything occurred so the Sahaba explained the commotion. The Prophet (SAW) told him he should be on guard this evening as well.


When evening came, the thief appeared once more to try and steal something and you can imagine what happened next. Yes, the thief got caught and pleaded that his family was suffering of hunger. The Sahaba feeling even worse now decided to let the thief go. The following day the Prophet (SAW) asked if anything happened. So indeed the Sahaba explained once more. The Prophet (SAW) then told the Sahaba he would stand once more on guard duty that particular evening. So he did.


The Sahaba waited that evening and surprise!! The thief tried to steal AGAIN! So the Sahaba feeling he had no alternative now, told the thief he was taking him to the Prophet (SAW). However, after pleading so unsuccessfully thief told the Sahaba he'd give him a few secret words so POWERFUL nothing could ever touch him, not even the thief if he recited those words. So the Sahaba was SHOCKED and was really really eager to hear what these magic words were. Indeed the thief taught him these words, and in return he was set free, promising never to return.


The following day the Prophet (SAW) wanted to know what happened and the Sahaba explained that the theif taught him these magical words that can protect anyone from anything.


The Prophet (SAW) then explained that the thief was indeed SATAN(The Devil).

Shaytan is the most evil influence to exist yet HE gave us protection against him!!!

Ayatul-Kursi can protect you 100%...... only if your belief in it, holds 100% firmly.....



Thank you and Jazak-Allah.

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The Sahaba was Abu Hurayra :) 


It didn't come from Shaytan. He only advised Abu Hurayra to read it in order to protect him during the night. Allah sent all verses of Quran via Jebreel as, except amana rasulu, which our beloved Prophed saws received directly from Allah on Miraj. 

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Masha Allah 99 Names Of Allah are beautiful, 
I hope you all will be happy, today with my thought, i am share it with you guys, Prayers Timing without Prayers humans are nothing.

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