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Al-Quran Mp3 With English Translation

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Al-Quran MP3 is an Islamic android app which was specially designed to enlighten the people with the prior knowledge
of Quran. The essence of this app is to spread the knowledge of Quran amongst the people.


Essential features of this app are as follows


Distinctive features:



  • Translation:Translation of every Surah of Quran in multiple languages makes the understanding easier for the people belongs to different parts of the world and using different languages.


  • Transliteration: Transliteration of all Chapters of Holy Quran from Arabic to English allows the user to correct their pronunciation.


  • Stop Signs:While recitation of divine Book it is very necessary to get the understanding about the stop signs. This feature facilitates the user by giving the knowledge of that signs.


  • Sajdas: This is the distinctive feature of this app which specifies the Surah and the verse in that Surah where Sajda sign is present.
  • Font Size: This feature facilitates the user to bring variation in font style according to their comfort level.
  • Daily Notification: User can receive the daily notifications which keep them inform about the latest updates
  • Learn Tajweed help Muslims to learn Quran more accurately
  • Mukhraj ul haroof help users to learn or pronounce Arabic letters more effectively
  • Components of Tajweed includes all those essential signs that are important for proper pronunciation 
  • Rules of Tajweed help Muslims to learn the basics of Quran hakeem


Download this app for free and get the divine knowledge of Quran and earn the countless
rewards in this world and hereafter.

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