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I Have Had 2 Dreams That I Want To Know The Meaning Of

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Salaam brothers and sisters,


I have been struggleing to find out what my dreams mean for ages, can anyone help predict?


Dream 1:


I was at old age, in a desert like place and I think it was my grandkids with me. For some reason, the mission was to get to a place and prey. It was judgement day where the sun rose from the west We got to a mountain, where we were supposed to climb. Suddenly, we got surrounded by black dogs (I think they were rotwillers),I felt that we were gonna try to fight them off but I woke up dater I saw them (didn't get scared or anything, just a calm wake up)


Dream 2:



Okay in real life things don't work out too well in my family so the dream is quite accurate.

So in the dream world, I was having an argument with my parents. Shortly after, I ran away from home, then everything changed. The world was gone and there was a book. Imagine a black background with a floating book with my name on it. Inside that book it details everything god had recorded was going to happen to me in life, however every line was blurred. It specified the years in my life as well. At age 99, there were 3 different events, 1 of which was the only thing that's unblurred in the entire book. It stated that after the 2nd event within that age, I would die 2 weeks after of a heart attack.


What does this mean? I don't believe ill make it to old age since I'm so unhealthy in real life.

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