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Observe Significance Of Unity In Islam By Staying In Hotels

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<a href="www.google.com["></a>Islam is a religion of unity and peace. It has always preferred peace on war until
unless no option is left. Introducing brotherhood among the Muslims of Makkah
and Madina was a first step towards unity. The real strength of any nation depends
on unity. In the eyes of Allah all Muslims are equal and they are only
differentiated on the bases of Iman and Taqwa, judged only by Allah Almighty.

Display of unity on different occasions
We can observe unity of Muslims at various moments and gatherings.

Five times of prayer
Unity among Muslims can be observed during daily prayers when every single man
without any difference of cast and color stand with each other joining their
shoulders and worship one Allah.

The Hajj
Hajj is the biggest gathering and celebration of Muslims in all around the world.
Apart from the prayers as they held in same regions. People gather at the same
place from different regions, accept their sins and seek for forgiveness.  

Battle of Badr
At the occasion of battle of Badr Muslims were quite less in number but still get
the victory , because they were united with each other. They supported each
other from the beginning till the end of the war.
Fall of Muslim Ummah
The reason behind the decline of Muslim Ummah is lack of unity. Brothers are
fighting with each other and the present situation all Muslims countries is
clearly depicting that we have lost our teachings. It’s happening from many
years the incidents occur while Hajj and Umrah. That is because we lack
patience and unity. A whole life of our Prophet (PBUH) was to teach us moral
ethics of life but we haven’t realized it yet.
Hajj and Umrah are the best deeds among all so be careful, show some kindness
towards your fellow Pilgrims, citizens should serve their guests in a best way.
There are well reputed Hotels near Haram
Makkah where you will witness the affection between staff and guests.
Haramayn Hotels is providing wide list of Hotels in Makkah and can be easily
booked online. Search Hotels near Haram
Makkah as well as Madina of your own choice and necessary facilities and
book it before time.

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