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Getting A Sponsor Or A Scholarship

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I really do not know what extend one has to go get a sponsor or a scholarship to fund an education. I live in Nigeria and not from a well to do family. I've been praying and also wish to study nursing abroad. I love being in the medical line but i'vent gotten an opportunity yet. I've tried meeting people whom Allah have blessed to help out but none is willing to, I also tried applying for scholarships but I haven't been able to get one. I also think the overseas persons I tried to contact through emails and also Islamic foundations too are scared or will I say skeptical with my nationality. Why I think it is so is because Nigerians are known to do do lot of unpleasant and bad stuffs but not every Nigerian is bad. There are a lot of good people looking for opportunities to become better. I hope in Sha Allah i'll get someone who has the love of Allah so great in him that will help me fulfil my wish.

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