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Us Airstrikes Were Not Based On Any “Moral Conscience”

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Those who believe that the US airstrikes on the Syrian airbase was the result of the ‘moral conscience’ of the American government and its new President after witnessing the use of chemical weapons on the Muslims of Khan Sheikhoun, rather than driven by pure national interests and agendas should consider the following:

– Over 1/2 a million Syrians slaughtered over 6 years in this brutal war was not enough to elicit a response against Assad!

– Barrel bombs dropped on houses, hospitals, and schools by the Syrian regime, killing tens of thousands of civilians and burying women, children and babies alive under rubble was not enough to elicit a response against Assad!

– The utter annihilation and bloodbath in Aleppo by the Syrian regime was not enough to elicit a response against Assad!

– Previous use of chemical weapons against innocent civilians by the Syrian regime (in numerous towns – not just in Ghouta, Damascus) which suffocated and burnt the skins of children and babies was not enough to elicit a response against Assad!

– The siege of towns by the Syrian regime that resulted in the starvation of tens of thousands of civilians who were reduced to eating the leaves of trees, rubbish from garbage bins and dead cats was not enough to elicit a response against Assad!

– Syrian regime militia slitting open the stomachs of pregnant Muslim women, aiming their snipers at the chests of children, and gang raping countless women and girls was not enough to elicit a response against Assad!

– The horrific torture and cold-blooded execution of thousands of Muslim prisoners in the dungeons of the Syrian regime were not enough to elicit a response against Assad!

– The creation of a huge refugee crisis as the result of the war with thousands dying at sea in search of sanctuary, as well as the image of the body of baby Aylan Kurdi washed up on the beach was not enough to elicit a response against Assad!

– Furthermore, after witnessing all these crimes against humanity executed by Assad, the Trump administration stated that removing this brutal dictator was not a priority for the US government!

– Furthermore, in 2013 when chemical weapons were used against innocent civilians in Ghouta by the Syrian regime and the world witnessed the same scenes as in Khan Sheikhoun of children and babies gasping for air – Trump did not support military action against Assad!

– Furthermore, during his election campaign and on entering office, Trump called for the banning of Syrian refugees from entering the US – those same refugees which were facing slaughter, torture, rape, starvation, and gassing by the Assad regime!

– Furthermore, the US has its own history on the use of chemical weapons…..the use of Agent Orange in the Vietnam War; White Phospherous in Falluja; and depleted Uranium in the Iraq war. Also its ‘moral conscience’ seems to have been moribund when its ally israel dopped white phospherous on the Muslims of Gaza!

– Furthermore, Madeline Albright, former US Secretary of State stated that the deaths of 1/2 a million children in Iraq as a result of US sanctions was a price worth paying for US political interests in the region.

Capitalist governments have shown time and again that they have no ethical foreign policy and that their moral compass revolves solely around self-driven political and economic gains – without exception.

Under capitalism, the moral conscience of governments, including when it comes to foreign policy decisions is in a permanent vegetative state….awaking only to the smell of money or power.

So it should be clearly understood that this US airstrike is not the result of Trump and his administration suddenly developing a ‘moral conscience’ rather it is driven by the same motives as underlie all US foreign policy objectives…..pure unadulterated self-motivated national interests!



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