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Do Muslims Have Answers To Hard Questions About There Faith?

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i am a Christian who found the faith late in life (42) over the pasted 11 years it is clear that Islam opposes Christianity yet affirms it if it does not contradict the Quran and at the same time relies on the wealth of the Biblical prophets to give body and depth to it faith.


However at close examination a number of questions arise, and when these questioned are asked I have had a multitude of different answers which rarely are supported by any evidence other than "We say so"


For example Islam claims that the oral tradition of the Quran is a perfect science and back by unbroken chains of transmission. Yet when one read the Hadith it is clear that at the time of Mohammad  a companion hear another companion recite a Surah different to what Mohammad had taught. Taking the man to Mohammad he asked the prophet which recitation is correct, The prophet said both.


The typical response is it is only a dialect problem. Yet that is not the true rendering of the Hadith. 


So one is left confused on the basis that the Hadith are reinterpreted to suit the science of transmission or Muslims are simple dishonest to there own faith under the banner of Taqiyya.


When I  challenged my Muslim friends say this is just an aggressive approach from a anti-Islamic Christian who can not listen,  who has a reading comprehension problem with has no logic or reason. A sad response to is viewed as nothing else but I do not have an answer so let me attack you on a personal level, which in the end of the day simple exposes Islam as a religion set of violence and not peace as it so boldly claims.


So I am here to get honest straight answers to hard questions and hopefully without the typical Islamic gymnastic. 


Regards Doug






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Welcome Doug, hope you get the straight answers to hard questions.. I do feel it will require a level of Islamic gymnastics on behalf of our Muslim brothers and sisters in order to make sense of it. If the message of Islam is to be consistant with the previous scriptures that is.

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Wa alaikum assalam

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