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Dream Of Moon Exploding

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Posted 16 April 2017 - 05:02 AM

Asalamualaikum. Last night i had a dream that the moon was struck by a meteorite, i could not find the definition of a dream like this and i have come here for help.

In the dream, i was baking bread for an unknown and poor Jewish boy. After i went to hand him the bread, i looked up to the evening sky and saw the moon being struck by a large meteorite that sent fragments in every direction. The fragments were shiney and metalic, like large pieces of aluminum. I rushed home to find that my family members were unchanged by what just happened (they were busy cooking dinner ) and that they seemed to have lost their Islamic nature (not replying to my takbir). I pulled my younger sister aside and took her outside to help collect the small chuncks of moon that landed in our garden, ehen we opened the front door and looked up to the sky once more, there were many circular shaped galaxies that seemed to be connected by light to one another and the sky made a sound. The sound was like a deep buzzing that oscilated in volume.

Inshallah someone can help me find the definition of having a dream like this or if anyone else has had this dream before.