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    • By happy spirit
      Michael: “Being brief and concise, the topic is that I believe that marriage should be monogamous for both sides. In other words, I believe that the polygamy, that Islam allows, is a kind of oppression meted out towards the woman, don't you agree with me?!”
      Yousef: “Which woman do you mean?”
      Michael (in surprise): “The woman! The wife! Is there any other woman in this relationship?!”
      Yousef: “As we previously agreed, to rightly discuss a topic it should be within a general framework in which all matters are arranged and all dimensions are considered.”
      Michael: “Well, How can this affect our topic?”
      Yousef: “It can affect it as when we discuss the polygamy, we should consider the woman’s interests, as the female sex; i.e. all women, and consider the society’s interests as a whole, and man’s interests, as well, and the differences between him and the woman.”
      Michael (interrupting): “Here we come to the origin of the oppression that is meted out towards the woman in your community: the differences between the man and the woman! These so called differences are values set by the males in your eastern community, in order to exploit women and use her for your own enjoyment. What are these differences (that you referred to)? Why doesn't the woman have the right to marry more than one man? Isn't that evidence of the men's lust in this community?
      Yousef: Wait... Wait… slow down, my friend.. You have thrown a fission bomb of questions at me which is prohibited in any conversation, and all of which I can't deal with at one time.. All of these will be discussed, but let's first break this bomb into pieces. Starting with what provokes you most: Don't you agree with me that there are differences between men and women?
      Michael: What differences?
      Yousef: For a start; the biological differences between the physical nature of women and men.
      Michael: Of course there are biological differences, what does this have to do with our topic?
      Yousef: I won't speak from a religious prospective, though I definitely believe in the necessity of accepting and admitting it (such a view), but I will speak from an intellectual and scientific prospective, which you have previously declared that you believe in. Look sir,
      l recently conducted scientific studies that prove that the chemistry behind love in man differs from that in woman. This urged many scientific institutions to intensively research the emotional differences between men and women. Researchers discovered astonishing results which denotes that the male genes induce polygamous relationships, whereas the female genes induce stability and monogamous relationships. Modern-day science has already proved that man can love more than one woman, without affecting his love for any of them.
      A CNN site cited on the authority of Lisa Diamond, a Professor of Psychology at the University of Utah, that there is biological evidence that plurality in sexual male relationships originates from the male physical structure.
      A team of researchers from the British Oxford University denoted in a study in 2007 that women, on the contrary to men, are mainly interested in their bodies or their children, because of their abundance of the hormone oxytocin, which increases their attachment to their children.
      New studies indicate that particular parts of men's brains grow to twice the size of that of women’s. Perhaps the greatest difference between the male and female brain is that men have a part which is responsible for sexual desire which is almost 2.5 times larger than that in women. Furthermore,
      do you think, my friend, that these differences should not have an influence on reality?
      To continue this dialogue, click on this link: https://www.path-2-happiness.com/en/dialogues-one-wife-is-it-enough
    • By mr_3oz
    • By iqakaa
      out of curiosity, Ive been having these thoughts in my mind lately. thinking to post on twitter. but posting it here better no? :P Muslims or non muslims please share your thoughts :P Guys and Girls all are welcome. Loooking forward to listen from the girls.
      Polygamy is accepted in Islam provided that he has to fit all of the requirements. Maa3roof. Dont you think there must be a hikmah why Alllah allowed polygamy.
      A married couple, happy, full of barakah. They are like the "Family of the year".
      find a good reason why dont you want to put yourself into that kind of family. What is the harm?
      Lets say a girl fell in love with someone's husband. That guy doesnt even know, she wants to marry him. What are the guidelines and ethics for her to be the second wife. What does it take to be that without people saying youre a "theif!".
      From what ive seen, in the middle east. When the husbands says he wants to marry another girl, the first wife will look for him the new wife.
      What if the case, the girl who wanted to be his second wife. And want to do it in a proper and halal way.
      Should she like go and see his first wife and tell her that she fell in love with her husband. :P
      She might , "I would never ever ever give my consent". or simply slap you accross your face :P or the good wife will say. "Ill ask him, wether he likes you or not" haha
      the girl ask her parents to meet up with the married man family.
      Please share your thoughts, dont think that im crazy I like to think something that got nothing to do with me :P
      And dont think im weird cz im a girl.
    • By Saracen21stC
      Most Common Islamic Misconceptions
      By Beconvinced, Daniel Masters, Isma'il Kaka, Robert Squires Published in Other Islamic Refutations Published on Aug. 22, 2008

      Misconception # 1: Muslims worship a different God
      First of all, there is only One God who created the Universe and all of mankind. Throughout history, people have created false gods in their minds and come up with false ideas about Almighty God, but regardless of this there is still only One True God - and He alone is worthy of worship. Unfortunately, some non-Muslims have come to incorrectly believe that Muslims worship a different God than Jews and Christians. This might be due to the fact that Muslims sometimes refer to God as "Allah", but also because over the centuries there have been many lies and distortions spread by the enemies of Islam. In actuality, Muslims worship the God of Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus --- the same God as Christians and Jews. The word "Allah" is simply the Arabic word for Almighty God and it is the same word that Arabic speaking Christians and Jews use to refer to God. If you pick up an Arabic translation of the Christian Bible, you will see the word "Allah" where "God" is used in English. For more information on the word "Allah", please read: Who is Allah? But even though Muslims, Jews and Christians believe in the same God, their concepts about Him differ quite a bit. For example, Muslims reject the idea of the Trinity or that God has become "incarnate" in the world. Also, the teachings of Islam do not rely on or appeal to "mystery" or "paradox" --- they are straightforward and clear. Islam teaches that God is Merciful, Loving and Compassionate and that He has no need to become man (nor do humans need for Him to). One of the unique aspects of Islam is that it teaches that man can have a personal and fulfilling relationship with Almighty God without compromising the transcendence of God. In Islam there is no ambiguity in Divinity --- God is God and man is man. Muslims believe that God is the "Most Merciful", and that he deals directly with human-beings without the need of any intermediary. Actually, the phrase "In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful" is one of the most repeated verses in the Holy Qur'an. Additionally, the pure and straightforward teachings of Islam demand that Almighty God be approached directly and without intermediaries. This is because Muslims believe that God is completely in control of everything and that He can bestow His Grace and Mercy on His creatures as He pleases - no Atonement, Incarnation or blood sacrifice is necessary. In summary, Islam calls people to submit to the One True God and to worship Him alone.