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Can Women Take Qula Qithout Husband Wish

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As salamun Alaikum WRWB


brother and sister, I will be very grateful to u all if any one can help or support me getting qula from my husband. Since from past 4 years I am not staying with my husband and wantedly he is not giving me qula and want to ruin my life and not all giving or taking care of maintenance from past 4 years and since he is unfit to me and decided to get qula from him. But after going to many shariat counseling center and Khazi, there are just refusing to give qula to me since my husband is not ready to sign on qula papers. I have only one question from all of brothers and sister, do I need to spend my life as single since my husband wantedly want to spoil my life as he himself committed he don't want accept me and he never going give or talaq. Can anywhen please let me tell correct guide me right way and tell any solution for this. Since I am looking forward to start my new life with naik deendaar person. Can some one can provide me any person details who can help me I am from Hyderabad.


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:wa: sister



Our advice to the husband is not to keep a wife when she is being harmed by staying with him. If he wants to keep her and refuses to divorce her, then he must treat her kindly and do something about the reasons that are putting his wife off. If he cannot do that, then he must divorce her or agree to khula’, and not force the wife to resort to committing sin by being wilfully defiant (nushooz) and disobeying him. 


The Standing Committee for Issuing Fatwas was asked: A woman dislikes her husband, although she does not find any fault in his character or religious commitment. She gave him everything that she had taken from him as the mahr. Should this husband be forced to divorce his wife if he is keeping her even though she dislikes him so much? 


They replied:  If the wife dislikes her husband and fears that she may not be able to adhere to the limits set by Allaah, in that case khula’ is prescribed, whereby she should return to him the dowry that he gave her, then he should separate from her, because of the hadeeth about the wife of Thaabit ibn Qays. … If there is a dispute between them, the matter should be referred to the shar’i judge to separate them.




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