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Tips From The Qur'an.

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As-Salaam alaykum,


 It is my pleasure to share with you the following 5 tips from the Holy Qur'an; they are meant to assist us in living our lives in accordance with the Shari'a....as Muslims who believe in Allah, His Prophets and the Last Day. Here we go:--


(1) Respect and honor all human beings irrespective of their religion, color, race, sex, language, property or

     birth (17:70)


(2) Always speak the Truth. Shun words that are deceitful and ostentatious (22:30)


(3) Do not be a bragging boaster (31:18)


(4) When you hear something malicious about someone, keep a favorable view about him/her

      until you attain full knowledge about the matter. (24:12)


(5) Avoid suspicion and guesswork. Suspicion and guesswork might deplete your communal energy (49:12)

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