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Eminence Of Suratul-Fatiha.

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According to the Prophet, Sallallahu alaihi Wasallam, all that is contained in the revealed Books is summed up in the Surat Fatiha of the Holy Qur'an (The Opening One), while this is in its turn contained in the formula BISMILLAHI-R-RAHMANI-R-RAHIM (In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful).

The Fatiha constitutes the chief text of the ritual prayer; as for the formula, commonly called the basmala, it is the Formula of consecration pronounced before every sacred recitation and every ritual act. According to another tradition, going back to Sayyadi Ali, may Allah be pleased with him, the basmala is in essence contained in its first letter, ba, and this again in its diacritical point, which thus symbolizes Principal Unity.

In the basmala, the interpretation of the 2 Names ar-Rahman and ar-Rahim as "the Compassionate" and "the Merciful", is only approximate as there is no real equivalent. Both names imply the idea of Mercy (ar-Rahmah: ar-Rahman corresponds to the Mercy which- to use a Qur'anic expression- "embraces all things", and expresses the plenitude of Being, its essential Bliss and the universal nature of its effulgence; ar-Rahim corresponds to Grace. As Rahman, Allah manifests Himself through the appearance of the world; as Rahim He manifests divinely within the world.

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