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parvez mushtaq

PAKistan OR NAPAK-istan

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Assalamualaikum Rahamataullahi Wabarakathahu

In 1933 ,Choudhry Rahmat Ali, coined the name PAKISTAN referring the five northern units of India viz : Punjab, North-West Frontier Province (Afghan Province), Kashmir, Sind and Baluchistan .
the meaning of Pakistan is PAK – means pure and istan – means place of or in short Pakistan means pure place .in other words a place of people of pure intentions .on the other hand NAPAK means impure
but …
historically ,Pakistan has acted quite opposite to its core meaning .its first impure intention were apparent on the very year it born .

1947 Kashmir was ruled by a Hindu maharaja Maharaja Hari Singh.he decided to remain independent but Pakistan persuaded maharaja to join with them which was bitterly failed .this failure gave the start for NAPAK politics of Pakistan .the agents of Muslim league worked in pooch to encourage  the armed revolt .this was the first NAPAK policy towards its neighbors  .even after the victory and formation of Azad Kashmir ,Pakistan did not ceded with it NAPAK intentions .thus from that day to this day ,Pakistan made Kashmir as a grave yard for millions of Muslims .
1971,Bangladesh ,whatever be the reason but the reality was the mass murder of humanity by Pakistani army .as per a fatwa of some mulla, Bangladeshi women were considered as public property and thus they were raped .the bottom line reason was land .yet another NAPAK intentions of Pakistan revealed .
It was the fear of president Zia ul haq that soviet union will invade Pakistan gave rise to Taliban .with help of US, Pakistan trained about 90000 afganis including mulla Omar .they successfully made a uncover training of Taliban and they even successfully defeated soviet union .Pakistan changed its side  after September 11 attacks .the main reason being that US is much more powerful than Taliban .Yet another NAPAK intentions of so called Pakistan .
On the other hand , right from 1947 to this day , India was working for the well being of the people of Kashmir .in 1971,it was India which liberated Bangladesh and it is playing a pivotal role in the development of Afghanistan.

in 1947,Jinnah thought by secretly  training Muslims of Kashmir they will conquer Kashmir .this was the first exploitation of innocent people in the name of religion by pakistan.The same things was carried on by Zia ul haq in the case of Afghanistan .Now this being carried successfully by nawaz sheriff .

ever you felt you were considered as terrorist because you carry a Muslim name .I will never rent my house to a unknown north Indian Muslim family because i fear they might be terrorists trained in Pakistan .No Hindu/non-Muslims will ever rent his home to a Muslim family in Chennai because they fear they might be terrorist trained in  Pakistan .who gave this tag of “terrorist” to Muslims all over the world .was it India or any other non-Muslim country in the world .Did India trained Muslims to became terrorists .did India exploited the illiteracy ,poverty of Muslims and used them to kill innocent people around the world in order to survive itself .who is doing this .the answers is  Pakistan .it is spoiling Muslims in the name of Islam .even today some innocent Muslims in Pakistan is being trained to kill innocent people around the world .do you call this as survival .it is some thing like drilling own eye with a needle  .

It was dream land for the people  like Sir syed ahamed khan ,ghulam ahmed pervez ,abdul kalam azad who thought they will educate Muslims and make them survive as good human .on contrary ,Pakistan has became a land for training terrorist .
here is the link

For its survival why Pakistan is defaming Islam .what right do they have to give me a terrorist  tag .on the other hand they could have excelled in education ,industry and infrastructure and got ride of poverty .

I am happy i was able to make few Pakistanis angry with core message of the article .Next time when they boast of being proud Pakistani ,they will think twice .
looking back at the history ,it is surprising to see a country with Muslim majority ,acting in an unislamic way and on the other hand a non Muslim country like India behaving in a Islamic way
Now the reader should decide it should be PAKistan or NAPAKistan

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