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As-Salaam alaikum,

In the Holy Qur'an, the first Prophet of Allah Ta'ala on the planet earth, Adam, alaihi salaat wassalam, said:--

             "O Lord! We have wronged ourselves" (7:3)  and after him, Prophet Ibrahim, alaihi salaat wassalam, said:--

             "When I fall ill, He heals me" (26:80)

Prophet Ibrahim, peace be upon him, attributes the sickness to himself in order to teach us courtesy. In other words, 'I am ill and my healing is only from Him'. He is negating himself, putting aside the self.... and when you remove yourself, you affirm Allah in all affairs. Note that in this wise when Sayyaina Musa, alaihi salaam, showed a sign of egoism, saying ''I am more knowledgeable than any other human being on earth''. Allah sent him Khidr so that he might journey with him for a few days, and lose that egoism-- see details in Surat Kahfi (chapter 18) of the Holy Qur'an....

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