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As Salaam Wa Alaykum. I have a question that has been troubling me and am in a quandary. 
The question is I have 2 residences; 1 in Dubai and the other in India. I am a citizen of India and work in Dubai. I stay for 2 months at a stretch at any given place. I have been advised that I should first establish which residence is my home and then the other will be where I should pray Kasar prayers as long as I am there. 
What should I do?? 
I have been praying full prayers at both the residences. 
Your humble brother in Islam

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Wa alaikum assalam

 welcom.gif to Gawaher

I'm glad you decided to join us. I hope that you find your stay here at IF beneficial, as well as enjoyable, and inshaAllah we benefit from each other.

As we advise all new comers, please take a moment to read our Forum Rules. This will greatly enhance your understanding of this community, and ensures a smooth relation with everyone around here

.As a new member, you will notice a number of temporary limitations. Please read about them here: New Members: Read This!

And now here is your welcome drink, on the house!So sit back, and let me pour you a few glasses of freshly squeezed fruit juice!. Drink all you can.


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Wa alaikum assalamwelcom.gif to Gawaher

.As this section is only for introductions, please start a new topic in another section for your question/discussion., and we will be glad to respond to you there, instead of this closed topic.

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