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Dream About The Last Day

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Assalamualaikum , 

I want to find out what my dream mean .

There is a person ( a man ) told me and two other men ( looks like teenagers ) and said that we were the last three . I was very confused so I came back from home and watch television . Suddenly the television lost connection and I turned around and saw my family members staring at me with red eyes and angry face but they couldn't move .  I ran out of my house and it was a forest area , i saw a glimpse of light and i ran towards it . It was the other two men who was part of the " the last three " . then the people with red eyes and angry face started moving . We all defended ourselves and constantly reciting the Quran . Then It was all gone and everybody was alive , no more red eyes and angry faces . I reached back home and my family members acted like nothing happened . After time passed , it all started again . I went out to see " the last three " and we all fought and recited the quran together . Unfortunately , we all are getting weaker . I was the weakest of them all and red colour started to overcome my legs and face and i couldn't move . lastly , i was in a awkward position , with red eyes . I could realise that I was in the body but I couldn't do anything . I saw the " last two " defending themselves . One was almost going to become like me but the other one was very calm and recited the Al - Quran . The Other Boy drowned in a mudlike sand . The One Left was drowning in it too but he kept reciting the Al - Quran . Left his face on top of the mud . He began to rise with really bright white eyes and began to put his hand to everyone and they had bright white eyes too . And I woke up . I was so saddened that I became one of the " evil ones " yet I feel like the dream is saying that I can be a more better person that who am i now , But i can't get a  clear explanation . Anyone care to explain ? :)

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