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I converted when I got into my relationship but don’t get guidance from him

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I converteted a bit over a year ago based on my studies as well as the relationship I am in. I am becoming increasingly confused about how I should be conducting myself and what is acceptable. He informs me that displaying affection in public or discussing intimacy is frowned upon so we can’t engage BUT spends hours each day sending and receiving nude pictures of other women. He has told me it is not a big deal but it confuses me because if speaking to your partner in an intimate manner is unacceptable shouldn’t lusting after other women fully exposing themselves me? I am not sure if this is the stars are for Muslim men but he is the only person I have to go to for guidance as I go through this learning process. Any wisdom or advice would be much appreciated. I want to be a pious Muslim sister but from what he’s showing me all that requires is praying which will make any behavior ok. 

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Assalamo alaikum sister

Welcome to the forum, and more importantly, welcome to Islam.

It seems that your friend is not the best source to learn Islam from. No one is perfect. That is why you need to separate between Islam and Muslims, specially today's Muslims. You did right to come to this forum for guidance, We can help you with any questions you may have regarding the beautiful religion of Islam.

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