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happy spirit

Wrong concepts of happiness?

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One is often carried adrift by different pleasures. He leaves no pleasure uncommitted, assuming that if he achieves all that which brings pleasure he would ultimately attain happiness. However, he becomes surprised to learn that by doing so, he is actually growing farther from happiness, instead of nearer to it. This is because the pleasures of this worldly life are diverse and come in different shapes and sizes, and not all pleasures yield happiness. It is because of this that confusion results between the concept of happiness and the concept of pleasure. The fact is that, on the one hand, both of them meet at a point and that, on the other hand, they differ from one another. They are similar in the fact that each brings pleasure, but they differ in that pleasure is reaped in a few moments and its ecstasy is immediately over after the completion of its cause, and then perhaps even regret, unhappiness and misery ensue. Happiness, however, remains with the person for a longer period of time and neither regret nor misery ensues.


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