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Patience: Key To Happiness.

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As-Salaam alaikum,

We have read it in the Holy Qur'an that:--

  "And Allah is with those who show patience" (2:103).

Says Sayyadi  Muhasibi, may Allah be Merciful to him, "Sabr [patience] is to remain unmoved before the arrows of the Divine Decrees". Others would change the phrase "Divine Decrees" to/with "affliction", but the meaning remains the same. Perfect patience is to accept whatever comes from Allah Ta'ala,  even the hardest blow of fate.

Some of our Masters of old divide patient people into 3 classes, namely: the mutasabbir, who attempt to be patient; the sabir, who is patient in afflictions; and the sabur, who is perfectly patient under any condition.

In otherwords, to be patient before Allah's Orders is a most excellent thing.. an excellent duty.

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