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Urban II Orders First Crusade !

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One sermon moved the entire continent of Europe to fight a war!

It is the sermon that Urban II, Pope of Rome, said at the combined conference that he held in the French city of Clermont on the (488 AH) of November 27, 1095 AD, to push Western Europe into a crusade against the Islamic East.

But the question is, how was Urban II able in one sermon to move all of Europe and ignite wars that lasted for two hundred years ?!

The answer lies in the influences that Urban used in his sermon, in which he was able to tickle the feelings of Europeans of different classes and denominations, as well as using it more than a means to persuade the attendees of the need to go to Palestine to help the Eastern Christians, and to protect pilgrims who suffer - as the Pope portrays - from the oppression and oppression of the infidels ( He means Muslims).

And the most important effect that he used in his sermon is that he speaks on behalf of Christ himself, so he said, for example: “Then I am not me, but it is the Lord who urges you as the ministers of Christ to incite people of all classes.”

He also promised the participants in the campaign to forgive, and it was also influencing that he elaborated on the extent of the pain and suffering felt by the pilgrims in Palestine, as he waved the richness of the countries of the East, and even mentioned to them what came in the Bible about Palestine, where he said: “ He gave us these lands that are filled with milk and honey. ”


Also influencing is that he alerted the nobility and the knights to the presence of a fertile field to show off their strength, rather than wrestle in Europe.

He also took advantage of the idea of holding the conference in a French city, and spoke about the courage and fighting capabilities of the French, as well as praising the history of their predecessors, and imposing the consequences of European sovereignty.

It was also influencing the attraction of those who have a debt by placing a debt on it or paying it over long periods, exempting the owners from taxes during the fighting, and exempting criminals from punishment if they participate!

And Urban II drew up all these influences with moving words, and convincing arguments until his words entered the hearts of all the attendees, and lit the hearers, so that as soon as he finished his speech the attendees responded and made one shout, saying: “The Lord wants it” Deus lo volt, which is the cry that has become Logo for war after that.


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