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Absolute truth

Hijab is women's dignity NOT oppression !

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Some ignorant disbelievers claim that "The hijab is oppressive because women are pressured by their societies and their religious beliefs to wear it!"

By Asadullah Al-Andalusi

Saying the hijab is "forced" because women feel "pressured" to wear it based on religious or societal expectations is simply ridiculous.

This line of reasoning implies that every law and culture on the planet is "oppressive" now because people willingly abide to things they're expected to follow. The fact that there are consequences for violating certain expectations (religiously, culturally, or legally) does not mean people are necessarily "oppressed" for upholding them.

In other words, people may CHOOSE to follow rules or guidelines WILLINGLY because they AGREE with those rules and guidelines (along with the consequences for violating them).

Take for example my choosing to wear pants whenever I go out in public. My not choosing to wear pants may result in social ridicule and even being arrested for indecent exposure. However, my choice to wear pants was not motivated by said consequences. I willingly do so based on my values. Even in the event where I may may feel pressured to wear pants because of societal and legal expectations, no one in their right mind would regard this as "oppressive".

in summary, anti-hijab "activists" are merely projecting their own expectations on to others while ironically doing the very thing they accuse the hijab of doing:

Dehumanizing women who wear it by denying them the agency to agree with their own values.

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