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roommate issues

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salam everybody! so i go to college in a pretty far away state from home so it's rlly important for my family to know everything that is going on so i do tell them everything. coming into college, i was fortunate enough to get a roommate who is of the same race/culture/religion as me and so i thought it would make it easier for me to connect w her and not have to explain everything i do (im a hijabi/very religious but independent in my practice). anyway, from the beginning she thought i was arrogant and judgy bc she didn't wear the hijab and danced in public like for performances and didn't pray. tbh i was not as religious as i am now less than a year ago and so i thought it was kind of funny that anybody would think i was judging them but i realized it was seriously affecting her so i told her i wasn't and explained to her that judging is haram and i only judge myself (at least i aim to). i was honestly rlly disappointed that she thought that and a lot of my hijabi friends told me thats just what ppl associate w us just bc we wear the hijab. it took me a while to accept that but i did.

to bring it back to my main point, we have been going thru a lot of problems since the beginning of the year because she thinks i judge her and hate her. and as of now, she's been dating this christian guy and been doing a lot of stuff that she was new to (like kissing and making out and i honestly dont know what else) and she doesn't dress as modestly as she used to. i say this because she's been coming to me for advice and made me feel as if it was my fault because she didn't feel she could confide in me before all this stuff and so she made decisions she wish she could have went over with me. i've been trying to tell her it's ok that she did what she did and she could always do less if she wanted to and shouldn't feel pressured to do anything but i spoke to my parents about this and my mom told me i was wrong for supporting her because it is haram to tell somebody who is doing something haram that it is ok. my parents rlly don't like her now but i don't know what to do because she is going to be my roommate for the next year and i'm rlly tired of everybody assuming i'm judgy :/. help would be appreciated !

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