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Random calls from morroco at times I’ve sinned?? Why

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Title says it all

Muslim getting unprecedented calls from morroco after he have committed sins or when muslim spirit is broken....

 Those calls are from people that he may have encountered or passed by from previous time of his life , like when he used to give out Sadaqa to any1 towards Allah.

Why does this Muslim person only gets calls from morroco asking for help after he have committed his sins and broken down his soul and this is no coincidence in a loop of 15 years time 3 months of sins a year, ‏استغفر الله. This is just an example towards statistical theory...

My question ...

is this mercy from Allah because of muslim committed some sins to help him shield back his faith/ imaan ?

does it mean the morrocons worked on that muslim in hard levels of sorcery just to get his spirit broken to be able to manipulate him easily.
‏استغفر الله 


I know it’s been a long time since I posted or active in this form but I wanted to start with this before my other topics and just so u know that I know that there is a lot of Moroccans here mashallah :)

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