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How to Seek Laylathul Qadr

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Allah is the Most Merciful and the Most Gracious. Even though mankind commits sins Allah has created many opportunities for humans to turn back to him.

Fasting was made compulsory for humans so that their taqwa (God-consciousness) will be increased. 

Ramadan is the month to attain taqwa; to learn good habits, to stay away from sins and attain the blessings of Allah. This is the month in which a night is expected- the most blessed night (Laylathul Qadr). Laylathul Qadr (the night of power) is a very noble night. This night is better than a thousand months. 

Why is Laylathul Qadr better than all the other nights? Check out the full article https://islamicvibe.com/laylathul-qadr/

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