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Something I don't get about Islam.

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I was born and raised in a Christian country. Although I know that there is a God and I have felt his presence in my life, Christian teachings disappointed me and I renounced that religion, deducing that religions are not the way to approach God. Ever since, I have labeled myself as a religionless theist. Even so, I occasionally study teachings of various religions. When I happened to open a copy of the Koran, a few weeks ago, one of the verses in the very first page was something like that: 'You cannot convince those who don't believe, because Allah has closed their eyes. Heavy punishment awaits them.' I don't get it. If they don't believe because Allah has closed their eyes, why should they be punished for that? How does a religion that says something so unfriendly in the very first page of its holy book expect to convince anyone to convert into that religion?

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It does not mean that Allah had sealed up their hearts, so they refused to believe. But it means that when they rejected the above-mentioned pre-requisites of belief and chose and adopted for themselves a way contrary to the one presented by the Qur'an, Allah sealed up their hearts and ears. The Qur'an simply states a law of Nature: if one takes a biased view of something and deliberately nourishes prejudices against it in his mind, he can neither see any virtue in it nor hear anything in its favour nor open his heart to consider it dispassionately. This is the law of Nature and, as it is Allah's law, the act of sealing up of the hearts and the ears and the covering of the eyes has been attributed to Him.

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