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What degree do I study at University?

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Assalamu Alaikum warahmathullah brothers and sisters.


I am an underage person who was home schooled and now I am off to study at University in the UK. I have offers from one of the best Universities in the world to study Physics however I am questioning the choice of my degree.


I want to be of help to the ummah. Not the way anyone says it... by wanting to help the ummah and then taking up a job in the west. I want to unite the ummah, re-establish the lost empire and make us grow. Or follow anyone who wants this to happen and serve Allah s.w.t. 


however I wanted to know what I must study to get closer to my goals.


Arts degrees wont be of any help to the ummah as we have people with arts degrees, and we have engineers and doctors etc. But I saw that we lacked in science where we, as muslims can discover new things.


So please advise me on this. Jazakallah Khair 

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