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"rohani ilaj dawateislami - 40 rohani ilaj" App is based on 40 different Spiritual Cures (40 Azkar), a booklet of Shaikh-e-Tariqat Ameer-e-Ahle Sunnat Hazrat Allama Maulana Abu Bilal Muhmmad Ilyas Attar Qadri Razavi.The application is mainly targeted towards people who can read Urdu.

Quranic Wazaif derived from Asma-e-Ilahi can be accessed freely on the "rohani ilaj dawateislami - 40 rohani ilaj" App,
It includes various diseases and their spiritual treatments.
Use "rohani ilaj dawateislami - 40 rohani ilaj" App and let other Muslim Brothers know about this and encourage them.Rohani ilaj is an Islamic App for Muslim brother and sisters.

"rohani ilaj dawateislami - 40 rohani ilaj" App is a useful app to find the easy way to get cure of common diseases, This Rhani Ilaj app consists of various diseases and their spiritual treatment there are the medical prescription, spiritual advices and other possible cure of different diseases are mentioned in it. Most Importantly this app has a Dua (Prayer) package which can be recited on the corresponding occasion..

-Easy to use
- Pinch Zoom
- Zoom for view clarity
- Clear Images
- Urdu Pages
-Very easy to use interface, just swipe up and down to read the Rohani ilaj.
-Works Offline:

"rohani ilaj dawateislami - 40 rohani ilaj" app gives you Rohani ilaj without any Internet connection. offline usage.

"rohani ilaj dawateislami - 40 rohani ilaj" app brings you the Rohani ilaj for the Spiritual Treatment of Muslim Ummah.
we can solve our all problems by reciting wazifa,
By "rohani ilaj dawateislami - 40 rohani ilaj" App we can treat all of our medical problems. like fever, pain, heart problem , ear pain, stomach pain, etc and other all things which we having in our life,

Also in "rohani ilaj dawateislami - 40 rohani ilaj" app you can find sugar tips, cancer tips, hamla aurat ki takleef ke 6 ilaj, pait ke dard ka ilaj, jal jane ka ilaj, bachon ki bimarion se bachao and many more…

Use "rohani ilaj dawateislami - 40 rohani ilaj" App easy application with an eye-catching interface and persuade other Islamic brothers and sisters to do the same this app is a very favorable and worthwhile mobile phone application for all Muslim brothers and sisters
throughout the world. We need Rohani Ilaj/ Dua’a besides the medication from doctors. It is also believed among the Muslims, that in some cases, we just need Rohani Ilaj to cure our health.

"rohani ilaj dawateislami - 40 rohani ilaj" app is the Islamic Wazaif & Dua application developed for the user to recite Holy Quran Verses / Duaa narrated in Hadith etc. and benefit from Quranic Verses.Aurad o Wazaif in this Mobile App are taken by very reliable resources. Muslims all around the world recite these wazaif & duas to get rewards in their life and hereafter.

"rohani ilaj dawateislami - 40 rohani ilaj" app contains 40 ruhani ilaj in Urdu language this wazaif must be read and you will be cured from illness InshaAllah.

App contains:

- Rohani Ilaaj
- Qurani Ilaj
- Aurad-Wazaif
- Rizq mein kushadgi
- Bukhar k liye
- Gurbat se Nijat
- Iman ki hifazat
- Phora phunsi ka
- Sar dard k liye
- Bicho katne par
- Sugar ka wazifa
- Dil roshan ho jaye
-Wazifa for protection of faith (iman)
- Wazifa for preventing worries
-Wazifa for getting yourself saved from problems
- Wazifa for relieving pain
-Wazifa for safeguard stolen
- Wazifa for victory over enemies
-Wazifa for wealth.https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rohaniilaj.dawateislamivx691P5XGI4IS9CyMDLluL0QSNMYHFHRyjH2WyhVhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rohaniilaj.dawateislami

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