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Keep to that Spiritual Struggle.

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As-Salaam alaikum,

 Today , people say that society's condition is really bad; what can we do?  The way out is to run to Allah Ta'ala.... by taking serious steps to shun sin. We read it in verse/ayat 50 of Surat Zariyat of the Holy Qur'an:--

                             "Hasten ye then [flee] to Allah". (51:50)


We must resist the temptation to let our guards down in the face of modernity's laxity in sinful conduct and promiscuity. According to our 'Ulama, the way to do this is through Mujahadah-- spiritual struggle against sins and one's egotistical soul, to bring ourselves in line with Allah's loving obedience. When we live our lives  in loving surrender and sincere worship of Allah Ta'ala, we stand to be lifted to a station of an ta'budullah ka annaka tara-  'that you worship Allah as though seeing Him' [Al-Bukhari, No. 6502].

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