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how to fully devote

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Assalamu alaikum,


I've been struggling for couple of months with my heart and coming back to fully devoted to Allah. I, honestly, don't know what's the problem. For years I used to be detached from Dunya, in a very good "shape" and suddenly I lost it and can't go back. 

In the past, for years, I had a great connection with Allah. My tawakkul was on highest level, I had that smile and peace all the time. I feared nothing...

What I've done so far to get back to that state of heart is pretty typical: at least 1 hour of Quran time, tawba and repentance, a lot of gratitude, salaat normal... But it's not working. I don't feel abandoned by Allah, it's not that dark, it's more like constant laziness to do more, lack of will and forgetfulness. 

I have a desire to devote to Allah fully but I have no idea how. 

Please, don't give me typical answers like: do your regular adhkar - please read above - that's not a question. 


Jazakallahu Khair 

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