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Dear IF bloggers,

We started our blogging section, so that our members can start their projects regarding whatever adds a benefit to the community and contribute to the wealth of information that Islam has to offer.

But I've noticed that some of us are using it as a chit chat haven, which this forum is long known to be against.

Our policy is to take minimal moderation actions in blogs. However, I was thinking, may be not all blogs deserve the same attention or publicity.


Therefore, ,those blogs, that tend to start and keep open chit chat topics more than their tendency to start beneficial topics, will be removed from our 'latest posts' listing, located in our right side bar, under 'Blogs'. This would allow members to focus on the more beneficial topics that some excellent bloggers start, but were always getting sunk in the waves of ranting seas.


Its regrettable that while the ummah is facing fierce enemies and countless problems, allegations, lies, misconceptions, slanders, insults and hate campaigns, some of our members spend a lot of their precious time ranting and chit chatting. Islam needs you brothers and sisters. And remember, each one of us will be held accountable for the time he/she spent online, and whether it was used as a tool for dawah and doing anything beneficial for the ummah.


Insha'Allah starting next week we will implement this policy. Their blogs will not be touched, only they will no longer enjoy our sidebar announcements/publicity. This week's ultimatum aims to give bloggers a chance to review their topics, close non-beneficial ones, and probably start what deserves to be announced.


May Allah subhanahu wataala guide us all to what pleases Him, and jazakum Allahu khayran.

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