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Israeli forces kill Palestinian boy on purpose

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israeli forces kill Palestinian boy on purpose, destroy more civilian houses


1/23/2005 5:15:00 PM GMT


The israeli occupation forces shot dead a 17-year-old Palestinian boy in the village of Habala near the town of Qalqilya.


Witnesses said israeli soldiers opened fire at Taqi al-Din al-Kholy, 17, Saturday night while he was walking home near the electronic fence.


The Occupation forces shot Al Kholy with a number of bullets without warning. Then he was escorted to Qalqilya UNRWA hospital.


Doctors at the hospital who examined the boy’s body, said that it was obvious from the places where he was hit that soldiers shot him on purpose.


The israeli military claimed that the boy was trying to infiltrate into 1948 occupied areas through the electronic fence. The Palestinian sources strongly rejected the allegations, asserting that the Al Kholy had no tools or any sharp objects to use in cutting the fence, adding that he suffered hearing problems.


Also late Saturday, the israeli forces opened fire at Palestinian homes in Khan Younis and its refugee camp and an UNRWA vehicle at the Matahen crossing.


The occupation troops stationed near the Neve Dekalim settlement opened fire at Palestinian homes in the Nimsawi suburb and the Western refugee camp in Khan Younis, witnesses said.


The israeli forces also closed the Abu Holi and Matahen crossings, north of Khan Younis, and stopple whoever tries to pass though crossing.


israeli soldiers stationed at Matahen crossing opened heavy gunfire at an UNRWA vehicle; trying to go through the crossing, wounding one passenger and arresting three others.


israeli MPs condemn land-grab


Meanwhile, members of the israeli Parliament condemned secret Government attempts to seize Palestinian private properties in East Jerusalem.


Haaretz newspaper reported on Sunday that the move affects thousands of Palestinian lands owners and relies on israel's Absentee Property Law.


This 1950 statute was used to seize houses, farms and businesses belonging to Arabs who escaped the violence in the occuppied territories, which led to israel's foundation in 1948, and were then barred by israel from returning to their homes.


The property was then transferred to the state and finally to israeli Jews. And no compensation was ever paid to the Palestinians, whos lands were grabed.


However, this law was never applied to property in and around East Jerusalem, which israel occupied after the 1967 war.


Nearly half of the property in East Jerusalem belongs to Palestinians who found themselves living in areas beyond the israeli-demarcated city boundaries.


But last year and after a secret vote of the israeli cabinet, the situation changed, with the construction of israel’s so-called "security barrier" around Jerusalem, which cut many Palestinian farmers from their lands on the Jerusalem side of the barrier.


Interviewing farmers in the Bethlehem area, Haaretz said they were told by the israeli army that they would be given permits to cross the fence, but they were later informed that they were now absentee owners and that the lands no longer belong to them.


The newspaper added that israel is already planning to build new Jewish communities on the seized land in East Jerusalem.


"It is impossible not to deem the cabinet's decision theft, as well as an act of state stupidity in the highest order," an editorial in the paper charged.



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