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Israeli soldiers batter Palestinian child

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israeli soldiers batter Palestinian child


12/20/2004 10:00:00 PM GMT


During a family visit to his brother in Beer Sheba prison, Rasmi Jihad Oda Al-Khatib, a resident of Fawar refugee camp to the south of Al-Khalil, was severely beaten by the israeli occupation soldiers.


The brutal attack left bruises all over Rasmi’s body, according to family members who accompanied him during a visit to his brother Rami, sentenced to eight years in jail.


They added that israeli soldiers attacked Rasmi, whose left hand was paralyzed when they previously shot him in the neck.


Palestinian child injured by israeli gunfire


Meanwhile, israeli occupation soldiers shot a 16- year old Palestinian child last night in Halhol town to the north of Al-Khalil city.


Wisam Yasser Abdul Rahman Abu Rayyan was hit with a bullet in his chest, medical sources in Al-Khalil government hospital said, adding that the boy underwent an immediate surgery and was still under treatment


According to local sources, israeli forces advanced into the town at 08.00 pm yesterday and fired live bullets and teargas canisters at Palestinian civilians.


Meanwhile, israeli troops imposed a curfew on Beitonia to the west of Ramallah city this morning and opened fire at schoolchildren and civil servants on their way to schools and jobs.


Also last night, a ten-year-old girl was wounded by israeli the gunfire in similar attacks at Palestinian schools in the town.




Al Jazeera

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Eyewitness: israeli soldiers murdered a British student


12/21/2004 11:00:00 AM GMT


An American peace activist today provided an evidence at the trial of an israeli soldier accused of shooting a British student in the occupied territories.


Joseph Carr, 23, was testifying as a defence witness in the manslaughter trial of Sgt Wahid Taysir.


Carr appeared in court at a military base at Castina Junction in Ashkalon, near Tel Aviv, and was asked to describe in full details the moments leading up to 22-year-old Tom Hurndall’s shooting.


Mr. Hurndall, from north London, was leading a group of Palestinian children to safety at a checkpoint in the Rafah refugee camp when an israeli soldier shot him in the head in April last year.


Mr. Carr was working in Palestine as a volunteer for the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) when he accompanied the Manchester Metropolitan University student to Gaza.


Speaking after the court hearing today, Mr. Carr said he had been subpoenaed to testify at the trial.


Describing the incident where Mr. Hurndall was killed , Mr. Carr said: “I was very close to Tom when he was shot – about five or six metres away.


“Tom moved into the area to evacuate the children. I looked away and heard a shot and a scream, and saw him on the ground with blood coming from his head.


“I was the first person with first aid training to reach him.�


Mr. Hurndall was in Gaza to take photographs for the ISM, a pro-Palestinian group whose activists volunteer to serve as “buffers� between the conflicting parties.


The israeli soldier Taysir was arrested last December and charged with intent to cause injury.


Taysir’s charges were upgraded to manslaughter when Mr. Hurndall died in January this year, after he spent nearly nine months in a coma.


The israeli authorities refused to identify the defendant; he was only named by Hurndall supporters.


Mr. Carr, now works for Christian Peacemaker Teams in Palestine, is expected to return home to Kansas City to spend Christmas with his family.


The manslaughter trial continues.


More Palestinian children wounded by the israeli gunfire


israeli forces shot six Palestinian civilians, including two children, in Khan Younis to the south of the Gaza Strip on Monday.


The occupation soldiers stationed at the military watchtowers in the Neveh Dekhalim settlement opened fire at Palestinian homes in the Nimsawi suburb and the refugee camp in Khan Younis, according to eyewitnesses.


The witnesses also said that an eight-year-old child was wounded in the attack and hospitalized while several buildings were damaged.


According to medical sources, soldiers in the vicinity of Jani Tal settlement also fired at citizens’ houses in Khan Younis refugee camp hitting Khaled Khalafallah, 40, in his leg and Ismail Khalafallah, 34, with a bullet in the head.


Also on Monday, medical sources said that israeli soldiers shot an 11-year-old child in the head while he was attending a class in Rafah school.


They added that Othman Al-Mallahi was seriously wounded as a result of the israeli shooting, while the 22-year-old Bassem Al-Hasanat, 22, suffered a gunshot wounds in his face.


Earlier, sources said that Yasser Mohammed Hamdan, 22, was hit with shrapnel of in Al-Salam suburb.


Al Jazeera

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