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Salamou Alaicom wr wb...


i have this speech to present on tuesday insha Allah..


although i'm stuck on the blank space..


is it okeh if i get some help :P .... :D :P


Today, I’ll be presenting to you a personal speech, which will inform you about the 2 different perspectives towards the issue that twirls our mind. Brothers and sisters!


Siblings, they can be annoying, hurtful, nasty, rough, disturbing, harsh or what ever way you may describe them. On the other hand they can be kind and caring, open minded, sweet, fun and there when needed. But little do we try to ignore all those nasty characteristics and go deeper into each and every true meaning of their positive characteristics. Little do we give the younger ones a chance to express themselves and answer their numerous questions, and little do we stop thinking bout the arrogance and bossiness that elders usually implement, than appreciating their position as elders, people who know more about life than we do, who have experienced a wide range of personal issues that we can all learn from.


Perhaps it is all about respect, yes, it is respect that we’re missing.


Allow me to share some personal experiences that I’ve went through since I’m the youngest out of 7. The wrong idea of my sisters being bossy was stored in my head as it was with you and probably still is, from since I was a kid. But as time went past and I grew older, I started to realise the value of such a relation between me and them. If it wasn’t for their advice from right and wrong, if it wasn’t for harsh behaviour which taught me numerous lessons, if it wasn’t for the right path that they, without realising, taught me to follow. I wouldn’t be the way I currently am.


Is the picture clear yet?

Perhaps I need to emphasise a little more.








I think it’s time to leave, but before I do, I want to leave you with an important message. A message that we all know, something that we always hear, although it is a message that we never try to implement or in another words put into action:


You want all the respect? Well, I guess you have to give before you try to earn!



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salaam alaikum,


I would love to help you! To do that, I would like for you to post the instructions/requirements of your assignment, so that I can help make your speech a fulfillment of that assignment.






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Asalamou Alaicom wr wb..


May Allah reward you brother,


hmm... our task is simple.


write down a personal speech on one of the following topics:


*Cruelty to animals

*brothers and sisters




and i chose brothers and sisters..


does that help a little? :D

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hmm... i was thinking of mentioning a poem about the value of siblings.. the only thing that's stoping me is that i can't find one :D ...



Jazakom Allahu Khair anyway :D

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Problemo solved :D


no need... May Allah reward you all with Janah Insha Allah..


by the way.. this is what's going in the blank part:


What I simply mean is that while you are

young, your thoughts are limited to certain

issues of that which you do not know of,

and while they are the ones that have

experienced life and worldly issues,



it is them the elders who we should look

up to and take the advice from them and

follow the foot steps of their lively

activities which they carry out to implement

the true character and objective

of our life which is Islam!


what you think? (i got helped though :D )

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