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A Historical Synopsis Of Terrorism.

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First: A presentation of a historical synopsis of terrorism.


A historical review is in place to show that terrorism is not confined to one particular place or time. This approach would clarify to every fair person that terrorism is not of an Islamic texture, for it creates a state of panic, havoc, appall, and a threat to the public. It goes deep into history. It was known to Jewish and Christian groups.


The term "terrorist" was first used with reference to Robesier and his colleagues in the famous committee Called the, Appalling Court(#1). It seems that that adherents of Jacob Baradai used this term, positively, in their speech and writings about themselves. Recently, the term has been used arbitrarily with criminal implications.


An act of terror that aims at terrorizing people is as old as history. Among the oldest examples known of any movement of terror is the movement of Psychariot - a highly organized religious sect,(#2) adopted non-traditional tactics to attack their enemies in daylight. They chose to carry their operations during holidays when people get crowded in the city of Jerusalem. It was not sufficient for them to kill honest people for they did not share their beliefs. But, they destroyed the palaces of the rules and burned public records and documents. They yearned to destroy the documents especially of those who used to borrow money to impede any reclaim of debt. The waves of assassination, conducted by the "zealous" gross enough to makes one's flesh shudder, for their victims were not only from the employees of the government, of regular occupations, but extended to reach the Jews.


Acts of terror were tolerated and even blessed by the Christian elite monks. Mr. Ford speaks of an exciting story about the assassinations conducted under Christian auspice. He speaks of Ebios XI and Gregory XIII who almost created a catastrophe in the historical development of the relation between the Church and the premeditated political assassinations.


The above has been a representation of two examples of terrorist groups - affiliated to both Judaism and Christianity.


No historian has ever established on the acts of terror committed by Christians or Jews.


As far as the history of Islam is concerned, there were terrorist groups that, at the nominal level, were affiliated to Islam, but, in reality they had deviated from the sound teachings of Islam and adopted a violent approach that was not Islamic in nature. The most famous among these groups was the "Karamitah" - followers of a man called "Kurmut". It happened that Kurmut sent Abdullah Ibn Maymoon to invite people in Iraq to convert to his destructive principles. To encourage people to come to his creed, he proclaimed that whoever follows him is released from all duties of worship to God. and made indulgence lawful for them. He ordered them not to perform the five daily prayers and not to fast the month of Ramadan. He taught them that they had to steal the wealth of their enemies and they could shed their blood as well. Then the Karametahs became a gang of thugs, and launched j aggression, committed rape, and allowed themselves to usurp the wealth of others. Thus, they created havoc, destruction, and ended up in Makkah where they broke into the holy shrine of the Muslims and pulled down its black cover; and pulled out the Black Stone from the corner of the Kabbah to I keep it in their possession for over 20 years. The Karameta is an example of a terrorist group that, nominally, belonged to Islam, violated all teachings and principles of Islam.


The act of terror conducted by these groups should not be j taken as evidence to attest that Islam condones terrorism. If the historians did not establish a theory about the terror of Christianity or Judaism, inspite of the existence and activities of both Christians and Jews, then it should not be fair for any scholar to try to establish a theory on terrorism of Islam, and by the same token, try to label the religion of Islam with terrorism. Islam does not lend its lawful jurisprudence to terrorism as much as does not tolerate acts of terrorism. In fact, Islam resists terrorism and brands it unlawful. Besides, it has established lawful bounds for warfare.


To elaborate on the fact that terrorism is not confined to one place or time, and is not related in any way to Islam, I quote Ibraheem Na'feh(#3), who has documented and verified all acts of terror that the world recently has witnessed. He says:


"The extremists and those who deviated from the collective unanimous opinion have emerged from all fields of Europe. They started with groups of Black Magic, heresy and other things. The Black River kept flowing until, in the last century. Waves of anarchism and communism in politics appeared along similar waves of brutality in art and literature.


In the 20th century, the fascist, the Nazi, the leftist and the religious terrorist movements occupied scenes of the present century."


The "International Groups", the "Black Flag" the "Children of Nature" and the "Vanguard of Laborers", "What Might Come Group", "Hard Labor", the "Bankrupt Group", the "Dynamite", "Iron Hearts", " The Starving Peasant", and the "Deprived Families". Each one of these twelve organizations has its own cadres, plans, headquarters, and means of publications. These are not rehabilitation or charitable organizations that want to feed the hungry peasants, but they are groups of extremists whose members have mastered none but chemistry. When the chieftain of the French extremists was asked: " Why chemistry in particular?" He said " So that an anarchist can make a bomb on his own".


It is from France that the organizations of the extremists and anarchists began to spread to the rest of the world -


mainly to Russia, to some Asian countries, and to different European capitals. The last two decades of the twentieth century witnessed a state of terror and panic that did not exclusively hurt the general public, but also the elite , the kings, the princes, and the high leaders.


When they were chased and pursued by security forces, they hurried to announce that "they want to kill the security forces in the name of freedom". When police forces say (when they arrested any of them). You are arrested in the name of law, the anarchist would say " You arrest us in the name of law and we kill you in the name of freedom."


I have to state here that none of these twelve extremist, anarchist, and terrorist organizations belong to Islam. Accordingly, and basic to these facts we question whether is it fair for the Western mass media to claim that Islam and terrorism are twin brothers ? This approach is quite astonishing, for terrorism is killing, inflicting injuries, inequity and appalls among honest people. Islam resists these acts. Islam does not condone terrorism. On the contrary, Islam avoids and prevents terrorism and the Muslim judges rule it as unlawful, for God shall punish those who practice it.


(#1) Mohammed Aziz Shokri, " The International Terrorism" Daar Al Islam four Masses, Beirt,1991 P.2.


(#2) The International Terrorism" P. 22, Ibid.


(#3) Ibraheem Na'feh " The Nightmare of Terrorism and the fall of Masks" Cairo. Commercial Press of Ahram, 1415, P.26.

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