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Fundamentalism -the Propaganda And The Reality

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"We are under threat from the Fundamentalists!"


"The Fundamentalists are a threat to the world-wide peace mission!"


"We should unite in our efforts against the Fundamentalists!"


"There is no existence of such a thing in Islam called Fundamentalism!"


"If the wave of Fundamentalism is not stopped, nobody will be saved from becoming it’s next target."


These are some of the headlines which appear regularly in our newspapers, and which are the main items of news.


From Cairo to Washington, from Washington to London and from London to Paris; chartered planes are carrying 'VIPs' to destroy 'Fundamentalism', they are flying from the air to the ground and from the ground to the air. Their fear can be sensed from every side. The minds of great thinkers have frozen from excessive thinking. The so called brave men who have the power of worldwide rule are shaking with fear. The White House is undergoing an earthquake. The Red House (i.e. Russia) has already been reduced to rubble. The Christian Pope, John Paul and his followers are worried. The intentions of Yitzhak Rabin are close to becoming dreams after those of Yitzhak Shamir's. The sleep of President Husni Mubarak has vanished. Hafithul Asad, the tyrant ruler of Syria, is in a state of shock. Abu Dayyaf was himself wiped out in his pursuit to eradicate Fundamentalism. The Rulers of Pakistan and Bangladesh have prepared barricades of sand bags against the flood of Fundamentalism and the Mufti's of Egypt continue to declare that Fundamentalism is HARAAM. The Non-Islamic Governments of all Muslim Countries are using their state sponsored 'scholars' to issue Fatwas similar to the above. These 'scholars' are busy preparing information against those who love the Qur'ân and Sunnah. They have forgotten or have been forced to forget that the very foundation of Fundamentalism is integral with the Qur'ân and Sunnah.


So What is 'Fundamentalism'?...


It is evident from the above, that everyone is busy researching into the meaning of the term 'Fundamentalism', and that the whole world is determined to eradicate it.


By taking a closer look, it becomes clear that this term 'Fundamentalism', is solely used for Muslims. It applies to those Muslims who are steadfast upon the demand that in Islamic Countries; Islam should be elevated and oppression of Muslims should be stopped.

For example: The Islamic Salvation Front of Algeria (I.S.F.), which is the largest party in Algeria followed the system of 'Democracy', and won the elections to govern the Country; it has however prevented to govern, [those who have been] branded as being 'Fundamentalists'. The organisations of Egypt such as Tanzeemul Jihad and Al Jama'atul Islameeyah; and those Afghan Leaders who wish to see a pure Islamic state are attributed with the term 'Fundamentalists'.


Similarly those parties of Syria, Lebanon and Palestine who are Muslims, and love Islam are the only ones to be described as 'Fundamentalists'. In contrast the Christian thieves of Serbia who did not even have mercy on the dead bodies of Muslims, and those wolves who on seeing them, one feels intense shame, are not identified as 'Fundamentalists'.


If 'Fundamentalism' means the manufacturing of weapons, then whoever is the leader in this field should be the greatest 'Fundamentalist', but this is not the case as numerous Countries which control weapons of mass destruction such as Nuclear bombs are called 'peace keepers' and are the champions of 'democracy', but those people who make petrol and soap bombs are labeled 'Fundamentalists'.


The above statement proves that the manufacturers and promoters of weapons are not labeled 'Fundamentalists'. If this was the case then America should be called the greatest 'Fundamentalist', Terrorist Country [in the world].


If we assume that being Religious is 'Fundamentalism', then the fanatic Jews, 'religious' Christians and Buddhists who are not only in their thousands but millions, are not branded as Fundamentalists or Terrorists in any book or statement.


If the definition of 'Fundamentalism' is a small Country which has Nuclear weapons in it's possession, then this definition does not apply either, because 'israel', which is not even capable of being called a Province, has produced and tested numerous Nuclear weapons and bombs and still it has not been branded as 'Fundamentalist'.


If 'Fundamentalism' means to take up arms in the defense of Religion, then this definition is also untrue because every follower of a religion has taken up arms in similar defense.


The extremist Christians have continued an armed struggle over the last forty years in Northern Sudan and still they have not been labeled as 'Fundamentalists'; but when General 'Umar Bashir fought against these Christians and cleared the Northern areas of these fanatics then 'Umar Bashir became known as a 'Fundamentalist'.


We understand from the above incident, that whoever will destroy those who have taken up arms for the sake of Religion will be a 'Fundamentalist'. However, this did not apply to those who fought against the Muslims who had taken up arms in the name of Islam. Those who fight Muslims are generally known as 'Peace Keepers' and 'Secularists'.


The conclusion is, that whatever measures are taken which benefit Islam and Muslims will be known as 'Fundamentalism'; particularly when these measures are taken by those who possess weapons and therefore have acquired power.


This makes it clear that 'Fundamentalism' consists of two elements, i.e. Islam and Power. Wherever there will be a threat of Islamic power, the alarm bells will start to ring.


As for those Muslims who do not have strength nor do they wish to gain strength; they will not be labeled as 'Fundamentalists', no matter how Allah fearing they may be, they will not be known to pose a threat.


On the other hand, if Muslims have strength but do not possess Islam they are not 'Fundamentalists' either. This is why the P.L.O. and Yasser Arafat have not been labeled as 'Fundamentalists' even though they have taken up arms and waged a war for the independence of Palestine. Whereas another group of Muslims known as Hamas also from Palestine, have been branded as 'Fundamentalists'.


Therefore two elements add up to 'Fundamentalism'; Islam and Strength, meaning Islamic Strength. This strength is the strength of Jihad and weapons.


Political strength is not meant here because those Muslims with political strength are not labeled as 'Fundamentalists'. Such as the renowned Political group in Egypt called Al Ikhwanul Muslimun, are no longer labeled as a 'Fundamentalist' group, even though their Political strength still exists. On the other hand, two other groups known as Al Jama'atul Islameeyah and Tanzeemul Jihad are labeled as 'Fundamentalists' solely because they have been trained on the foundation of Jihad and they possess the power of Jihad.


In the past, Al Ikhwanul Muslimun were branded 'Fundamentalists' when they agreed with the resolution of Jihad, but when they replaced Jihad with modern Politics this label was removed. (Alas! If only they had not moved away from Jihad for which so many of their ancestors had sacrificed their lives). The above clarifies the position that, every Muslim who has Islamic power, or who wishes to gain Islamic power and has the love for Islam in his heart and is a supporter of the implementation of the Islamic system of life will be known as a 'Fundamentalist'.


[Therefore,] destroying 'Fundamentalism' means, to destroy Islamic power. Banning 'Fundamentalism' means, to ban the Islamic Jihad. Issuing a Fatwa upon Fundamentalism being Haraam means, issuing a Fatwa on Jihad being Haraam. The Kufaar will only tolerate those Muslims who are satisfied with being their slaves and those Muslims who never talk about the implementation of Islamic Law and those who have taken Jihad out of their lives and Religion.


This is why America tolerates millions of Muslims living there even though many of them seem to be punctual with their worship and religious issues. Yet America cannot tolerate a few hundred Arab Muslims living thousands of miles away in Peshawar, Pakistan.


Before moving to the topic of what the Islamic decree is with regards to 'Fundamentalism', I have to regrettably state that many Muslims who are part of various religious or worldly organizations are also afraid of the word 'Fundamentalism'. They also look upon these Muslims who have been labeled as 'Fundamentalists' with displeasure and hatred in their gaze. They also think that these 'Fundamentalist' Muslims are an obstacle to their progress and are a source of spreading instability.


This is the reason for many Muslim Countries falling prey to disunity.

The fears of these Muslims are baseless, because if there is a small amount of peace left for the Muslims, it is on account of these few strong Muslims who are steadfast on Jihad.


It is the nature of the Kuffaar not to tolerate Islam and Muslims at all. Their full effort is concentrated on destroying the existence of the Muslims or converting them.


Evil Intentions, Massive Deception In 1946, the Principals of the Vatican, who spread Christianity through missionaries, gathered in Jabal uz Zaitoon (Mount of Olives) and each one of them expressed his concern that the Christians were not successful in their missions in the Muslim Countries. The reason being that the number of those who were converting from Islam was minimal in comparison to their major effort.


These thoughts were expressed by nearly all the Priests, the leader of their conference addressed them as follows:


"You have not understood our mission. Our mission is not to convert all the Muslims, our mission is to stop them from being Muslims. We have been successful in our mission. Due to our efforts the majority of Muslims are Muslims by name only,

they are far removed from the true Islam."


If the Muslims and their ideology is intact despite the Kuffaar's efforts to destroy the existence of the Muslims, then it is because of those few Muslims who have Islam and Islamic power. The Kuffaar are shivering from fear, [for] they have not been able to complete their dreadful plans which they had so carefully prepared.


To help the readers understand, we have divided Islam and strength into two different categories. In reality it is a grave mistake to divide them. The reason being that Islamic strength is an important part of Islam. The Islam which was revealed to Muhammad (sallallaahu`alaihiwasallam) as a Religion, orders Muslims to establish power, to the extent that the Kuffaar and enemies of Islam are terrorized and are left in a state of awe; so that they cannot fulfill their filthy intentions. To possess Islamic strength is an obligation of Islam. Whoever is a Muslim and calls himself a Muslim but does not have the faith of attaining Islamic strength then he is deceiving himself. He is not practicing the Islam which the Sahâbah possessed.


Muslims should remain vigilant and never be deceived by the so called 'Peace Keeper's' slogans. They should never harbor dislike for the champions of Islamic- strength. The requirement of the Religion today is that all Muslims should produce a strong force and strangle the enemies of Islam to death. If they cannot do this then they should at least aid and boost the morale of those Muslims who wish to attain strength and who are fighting against the enemies of Islam.


Let us examine the word Fundamentalism in Sharee'ah terms. When taking a closer look at the Qur'ân, Sunnah, [the] Sunnah of the SAHAABAH and the research of the Fuqaha, we find out that all those elements for which the Kuffaar of today are labeling Muslims as 'Fundamentalists', fall into the category of 'Fard' (Obligation) for the Muslims. In fact some of the factors are such that if the Muslims do not act upon them, they will not remain Muslims. For example, the most frequent reason for which one is labeled a 'Fundamentalist' is for strictly adhering to Islam; this is a major requirement of the Faith, for which, a Muslim can be cut into pieces - but he cannot renounce (in his heart). Islam is our Fundamental. Allah (Subhaanawata'ala) has ordered us to enter fully into Islam. Islam is the name of a complete code of life.


The Kuffaar cannot tolerate that we remain Muslims. They will only tolerate it to the extent which ensures their safety and allows them complete freedom in committing oppression.


The second part of Fundamentalism is strength and in the expression of the disbelievers, it is also known as Jihad. This is also from the important obligations of Islam. To deny it, is Kufr (disbelief) and to leave it, is humiliation and destruction. To achieve the destruction of this strength, would result in [us] being slaves of the Kuffaar and [we would] ultimately wash our hands of Islam.


The Kuffaar continue to disarm the Muslims, so that whenever they wish they can swallow us and whenever they wish they can humiliate us. As a result of their weakness and the strength of their enemies, Muslims have been subjected to this humiliation and slavery for too long.


After the Slumber, there is the Awakening

With Allah's (Subhaanawata'ala) Grace and infinite help, the Muslims have recently awakened from their sleep. All Praise is to Allah, just by awakening, the Muslims have destroyed one of their two major enemies, the Soviet Union, eradicating it's name from the World Map. Observing the defeat of the Soviet Union, the second World Power realized the threat from the Muslims. So as quickly as possible to delay it's fate, it played the game of Iraq and Kuwait, convincing the Arabs that even after the destruction of the Soviet Union, these small Countries needed America for their defense.


But the effects of Afghanistan started to spread throughout the world. The Muslims remembered their forgotten obligation. The buried flame for the eagerness of Shahadath (Martyrdom) turned into a fire burning the Kuffaar.


From Algeria, Egypt, the Philippines, Thailand, Syria, Lebanon, and from every corner of the world people rose to sacrifice their lives. The waves of Eemaan came into affect from every direction, the stiffness began to ease and subsequently new plots were being devised to put the Ummah back to sleep, rather, to completely wipe them out.


One of the efforts made to discredit these soldiers of Islam and to make them a cut-off limb of the Muslim Ummah is to spread rumours that these Muslims are 'Fundamentalists' and 'terrorists' who are plunging the rest of the Muslims towards destruction. The objective of this propaganda is to convince the Muslims that the Fundamentalist Muslims are a different group of Muslims, and that to destroy them has become necessary. Then the rest of the Muslims would also help the Americans in destroying the Fundamentalists.


The success of the Kuffaar's plot is probably too early to assess. However, there is a general acceptance that, Fundamentalism is rising faster after these efforts were made by the Kuffaar. Furthermore the strength of Fundamentalism is rising day by day. This is a hopeful sign for the Muslims. The only danger is that the Kuffaar will do their utmost to create a civil war between the non-Fundamentalist Muslims (such as Husni Mubarak) and the Fundamentalist Muslims. The Muslims would then be involved in internal fighting and this would result in their strength being divided. We have full faith in Allah (Subhaanawata'ala) that this conspiracy will also fail, and will make us Muslims more alert, and we will soon be rid of those Muslims who have no Fundamental.


For us, the call of this period, is to receive this taunt of "Fundamentalism" as a praise and accept this swear [word], as a privilege.


This is when the Kuffaar will realize that they have made a mistake, and this mistake will lead to their destruction. (INSHAALLAH). An Important Point: Concerning the Role the Munaafiq and Deviants in the Loss of Pursuing that Forgotten Obligation


Muslims have always existed and they have lived in recent times, and also in the past. What changes have taken place as to why some Muslims are being labeled as 'Fundamentalists'?... Have these Muslims invented a new belief?... Have they added a new custom?...


The answer will be in the negative.


What then is the reason why this terminology did not exist a few hundred years ago, but exists today as such a popular word? If one ponders over this point then some facts of reality will come to light. These are the facts which the Kuffaar have been trying to hide, but the time has come for these facts to be brought out in the open.


The reality is that the Jews, Christians and their disciples failed in their mission to convert the Muslims on a large scale towards Christianity or Judaism. After failing to convert the Muslims into Kuffaar, they turned their efforts towards turning the Muslims away from Islam.


In recent publications of their manuscripts, they revealed that the real aim of their effort is not to let the Muslims remain as Muslims, even though the majority of Muslims are only [Muslim] by name (i.e. they are almost totally ignorant of their Religion), but attempts continue to prevent them from their beliefs and practices. Their efforts continued to be concentrated on this aim and various methods have been devised in the achievement of this goal. However, the Muslims had the response to each conspiracy of the Kuffaar in the form of Jihad.


Those Christians who had been defeated in the battlefield wanted to poison the Muslims by numerous conspiracies, but because of the zeal for Jihad, the Muslims had the medicine to hate every step of the Kuffaar and to think of them as enemies at all times.


Through this, they did not let the poison of Kufr reach their hearts.


Thereafter, the effort to eradicate this important obligation of Jihad from the hearts of the Muslims began. Conspiracies were prepared not only to take this essential central obligation away from the lives of Muslims but also from their thoughts and minds. The decision was made to make a final blow not in the form of strangers but in the guise of Muslims. The style of poisoning in the form of purity and sincerity was known to be more effective than that of challenging in the form of an enemy.


Various movements were formed with the aim of turning Muslims away from Jihad and teaching them to forget Jihad. This mission was quite difficult. Jihad had entered into the blood and veins of the Muslims. Muslim mother's used to cradle their children whilst relating stories of Jihad and Martyrdom. Numerous verses of the Qur'ân consisted of Jihad. The dreadful results of leaving this obligation were also clear from past history. The relationship of being an Ummati (follower) of a brave Prophet had naturally created a disgust for worldly love and cowardice.


This difficult mission against Jihad was made easy by deceiving the Muslims in the name of 'spirituality', Prophethood and revival. The Kuffaar used such doors through which whosoever entered would be accepted and greeted with respect.


The Kuffaar manipulated Islamic terminologies to mislead the Muslims and introduced false Prophets. Although the false claims of Prophethood were rejected, the Kuffaar succeeded in spreading the poison through this method.


These people who wished to obliterate Eemaan managed to destroy the zeal for Jihaad by using the title of Tajdeed (Revival). Some groups tried to eradicate Jihaad from the lives of Muslims, by using various terminologies of the Qur'ân. Thereby, changing the meaning of the Qur'ân.


People stood up with the claim of bringing the Sunnah of Rasoolullaah (sallallaahu`alaihiwasallam) into their lives, they snatched the sword away which used to be used against the Kuffaar and gave them a rod with which they could strike the heads of Muslims. They took them out of the field of Jihaad and placed them in the field of debates, their purpose being to degrade other Muslims. Looters came into existence, who by using the title of 'spirituality' and 'rectification of the soul', changed the entire Religion into mere customs.


Thousands of depressed Muslims were converted into worshippers of graves and indulged in singing Qawwalis (non-Islamic songs with drums), convincing themselves that this would bring peace of mind. Thus their dignity was completely destroyed. In other words, the mission to make the Muslim men wear bangles and necklaces came into effect. The blessings of the British were showered upon such people. These people misled the general public into thinking that this was the help of Allah (Subhaanawata'ala). They made them go astray by saying: 'If we were not on the Haq then how could this help of Allah (Subhaanawata'ala) be with us?'...

Every effort was made to take the zeal of Jihaad and Martyrdom out of the hearts and minds of the Muslims to the extent that those people who rejected [the likes of] Mirza Qadiani and considered it a Religious Obligation to oppose him, they were also distanced from Jihaad, just as much as those who followed the Kufr teachings of Qadiani.


Not only was Jihaad damaged through this effort but all those things which were protected by Jihad also became weak. The inheritors of this Religion, the 'Ulamah, were classed as inferior. They were classed as laborers who survived on pieces of bread given by the people. We seek refuge with Allah (Subhaanawata'ala)! [Thereafter], the sanctity of the Masaajid was destroyed...


The importance of an obligation such as Salaah was diminished to the extent that even in the Muslim Countries the people continued with their business even after the call of Aadhaan. The Religion was made a mockery by both Muslims and non-Muslims alike. The way of the disbelievers was respected as 'fashion', and the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah (sallallaahu`alaihiwasallam) was seen as inferior and observed only by the low class people.


What oppression did the Muslims not undergo after leaving Jihad?...


In Muslim Countries thousands of lives were sacrificed in upholding an important and Fundamental belief such as the Khatmu Nabuwa (Finality of Prophethood) for which the Islamic ruling is clear. Those who declared Prophethood after our beloved Prophet Muhammad (sallallaahu`alaihiwasallam) or followed a false prophet are Kaafir. What grief could be greater! The Khatmu Nabuwa of Muhammad (sallallaahu`alaihiwasallam) was not safe-guarded even in Muslim Countries. (Lahawlawalaquwataillabillaah)


The Kuffaar were satisfied at this condition of the Muslims.


They were clapping at the level of humiliation they had subjected the Muslims and their 'Ulamah (Religious Scholars) to. The laws implemented in the Muslim Countries were in accordance with the pleasure of the Kuffaar. Their chosen individuals had control over important posts and chairs. The mouths of the Muslims were restrained, whereas the mouths of the Kuffaar were wide open.


The Revival, and the New Movement

Soon [though - Alhamdulillah -] a change came about, Muslims started to flock towards their true Religion. Towards the Religion which had been completed by our Prophet (sallallaahu`alaihiwasallam) in Madeenah. Towards the Religion for which Rasullullah's (sallallaahu`alaihiwasallam) blood was spilt, the Religion for which the Sahâbah (Companions - radiallaahu'anhu) sacrificed their lives. This change did not occur suddenly, it happened through the movement of Jihaad in Afghanistan, which was lead by 'Ulamah and [other] practicing Muslims.


The blood spilt through this movement broke the stiffness of the Muslims. The Da'waah of the Mujahideen, who had seen Allah's (Subhaanawata'ala) Help descending in the battlefield, flared the flame of zeal for Jihaad in the hearts of Muslims. Such stories of victory in Afghanistan gave hope to those who had lost hope, all over the world. Muslims and non-Muslims suddenly opened their eyes. Muslims started to return to their original Religion.


It was only this minor change which turned the minds of millions of Muslims towards reviving the order of Jihaad. They made a firm intention of glorifying their Religion by taking up weapons in their hands and following in the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad (sallallaahu`alaihiwasallam). They made preparations in accordance with the order of Allah (Subhaanawata'ala):

"Against them make ready your strength to the utmost of your power." Holy Qur'ân (Soorah Anfaal : Verse 60)


The cry of Jihaad was called out in every direction and the stories of Martyrs began to fragrance the world.


In reality this was no change, this was the Muslims returning to their original Religion, but the world saw this as a major change and the Kuffaar powers were fearful and began to oppose.


There was no harm in their opposition, the actual fact was made clear, that the true Religion was that which consisted of Jihaad and the ideology of strength; the Kuffaar had always opposed the true Religion. The Qur'ân has related regarding the Sahâbah (radiallaahu'anhum), that the Kuffaar used to look at them with anger.


It is surely clear from this that the Mujahideen are upon Haq. This unprecedented reaction of the Kuffaar against this small group of Muslims has proved that these are the true Muslims. This is the group who have been given glad tidings in the following Ahaadeeth: "A group of Muslims will always remain, who will fight for the cause of Haq and overpower their enemy." (Saheeh Muslim)


It is evident from this Ahaadeeth that [concerning] the group which will be upon Haq in the last era, one of it's qualities will be fighting in the Path of Allah (Subhaanawata'ala). This topic is also supported from other numerous Ahaadeeth.


The Obligation to Terrorize the enemies of Allah (Subhaanawata'ala)


The wailing of the Kuffaar together with their evil activities against those who possess the ideology of Islamic strength, clearly indicates that the only [real] threat to them, are these Muslims. The Kuffaar (disbelievers) see their [own] death in the existence of such Muslims.


Another important point is that Islam has ordered the Muslims to gain strength to the extent that the disbelievers are terrorized. The Qur'anic words are as follows:

"Against them make ready your strength to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to strike terror into the hearts of the enemies." Holy Qur'ân (Soorah Anfaal : Verse 60)


The word 'terror' has been mentioned which is used today as a swear [word] against Muslims. Therefore, those Muslims who have gained Islamic strength are branded as 'terrorists'.


What need is there for the Muslims to be ashamed of this swear [word]?...


Allah (Subhaanawata'ala) has ordered the Muslims to terrorize their enemies, who are also the enemies of Allah (Subhaanawata'ala). Whosoever will fulfill this obligation will be classed as a 'terrorist' [by the Kuffaar]. So to be a terrorist is a source of blessing, and not shame. To cast terror upon the enemies of Allah (Subhaanawata'ala) is an act of worship, and not an act of crime. Muslims should not be hesitant in fulfilling this obligation.


This is because the enemies of Allah (Subhaanawata'ala) create mischief on the earth. They implement such oppressive systems to fulfill their own desires, which make the public victims of various difficulties. [indeed] these enemies of Allah (Subhaanawata'ala) are a problem for Muslims and non-Muslims alike. When they have the open opportunity to do things, they commit such acts for which a person bows his head down in shame.


In the last century, the oppression which the white Kuffaar have committed in the continent of Africa makes one shudder. Millions of Africans were chained and exiled to different areas. They were then plunged into slavery. Millions were massacred in the open. The story of this oppression is very long for which reason it cannot be written in detail at this moment. [but] if these tyrant flesh-eaters are terrorized or killed, leaving the rest of humanity to live in peace, then this can not be an evil act.


In fact it would be a favour towards humanity.


This is what has been ordained by Allah (Subhaanawata'ala) that the Muslims should always be prepared to stop these Kuffaar from committing oppression, and creating evil plots. The preparation should be such which creates terror in their (Kuffaar's) hearts.




In conclusion, Muslims are not being branded as 'Fundamentalists' because of a major change, they are being branded because of a returning back to the roots of their Religion, and [therefore], this title is a blessing for the Muslims.


The truthful group will be those who will fight in the path of Allah (Subhaanawata'ala) and will also make preparations according to the order of Allah (Subhaanawata'ala),

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