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The Virtual Position Of Islam On Terrorism

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The Virtual Position of Islam on Terrorism




International terrorism has become part and parcel of people's life in modern times. Operations of terrorism take place almost on daily basis to create a threatening situation that would lead nations into an inferno of troubles and calamities. It is regrettable that such acts of terror are attributed to Islam. In fact, Islam is free of these accusations for there is no Islamic law that obliges or encourages a Muslim to conduct deeds of terror that he cannot basically tolerate. Acts of terror are perilous, with destructive consequences. Islam dictates only what God has ordained and what the Tradition of Prophet Muhammad dictates. Both the Qur’an and the Tradition are free of violence and extremism. On the contrary they exhort people to eliminate hatred and aggression. Inspite of this crystal clear truth, Islam has been exposed to campaigns of defamation launched by Western mass media. These campaigns have become more aggressive after the collapse of the Soviet Union and after the Cold War ended between the East and the West. The purpose of that aggressiveness is to project Islam as antagonist of the Western culture. It is regrettable that some Arab and Muslim journalists have been participating in such campaigns with full knowledge of the grave consequences that their countries and societies might endure. Those who stand behind these oppressive campaigns, believe that extremism, violence and terrorism are of Islamic nature. Any act of terror carried out by a non-Muslim is thought of as unimportant and usually

dismissed completely'26'. What always is, the so-called

(26) Ahmad Yousef Attal, " Terrorism in the Arab and Western Worlds" Amman, 1998,P.4.


Islamic terrorism. All other forms of terror are transient and contingent. This alleged Islamic characteristic has become a pretext to attack Islam and whoever believes in it. The antagonistic forces to Islam have made a connection between Islam and terrorism to procure a severe harm to the reputation of Muslims. In order to explain the position of Islam on terrorism and to show that Islam fights terror and does not support it, as it is claimed by some Western mass media, and to show the method Islam adopted in resisting terror, I'll discuss in this chapter the following topics.


1 - A historical review of terrorism to prove that terrorism is not confined to a particular time or place and, thus, it is not related to Islam.

2- A definition of terrorism.

3- Methods, means, and volume of terrorism

4-Some of the characteristics and objective of an act of


5-The difference between terrorism and legal fight for

independence and self-determination.

6- Causes, motives and provocation of Islam.

7-Terrorism in the scale of Islam.

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