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Asalamu Alaykum,


I know I don't post here regularly and I know the people here don't know me that well, but I have a small request. I want your duas, sincerely. This is an Islamic forum, where many good muslims gather, I believe that there might be at least one Awliyah of Allah, who, upon reading this and making dua for me, it will be readily accepted.


As a muslim and person, I feel so low...I wish my iman was stronger and I wish I was a better muslim. I know it's quite selfish of me to create such a thread, because I guess most of us feel the same way, but I'd still really appreciate it if people here were to make dua for my guidance, in all matters!


I really need it. One of the things I value more than most things, is the dua of people. Please, it would mean a lot and in my eyes, it's the best gift I could receive. I desperately need to be guided, I want to be guided always. Please make dua for my guidance.


I hope, inshaAllah, that those people here who enjoy close proximity to Allah will make sincere dua for me and I believe that the such duas will be answered.


Deep down, I want to be a good muslim. Please make this dua for me!


JazakAllah khayr and forgive me for any wrong I may have commited against anybody here.

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Wa 'Alaykum assalam, brother


May Allaah :sl: bring you closer to what pleases Him and distance you from what displeases Him. Ameen


I'm sure all of us can reflect what you are going through. Imaan can fall weak and grow strong, it is only natural. Be grateful of your blessings and thank Allaah :sl: for them, and utilize these blessings to the best of your ability. Seek knowledge and trust Allaah.


I'll keep you in my sincere duaas :no:



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