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I have noticed that the Free Islamic Webmasters' Services forum is one of the least active and least visited forum. There are many reasons to this, but I feel that it is partly due to the way the forum is set up and simply because of lack of interest. I do, however, have a few suggestions that could maybe help curb or fix this problem.


If you look at the "you can


you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_xeo.freehosting123(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/images/temp/webmastersforum1.jpg' alt='webmastersforum1.jpg'>


The Free Islamic Web Hosting. Mailing List, Free Islamic Forums, Free Islamic Forms, and Create your own Islamic site icon (favicon)! forum all do not warrant their own forum. Instead, they should be, at the most, pinned threads in a much larger general forum, that isn't so divided.




The Webmasters' Talk forum is fine the way it is and is actually a model for the idea of a general forum I briefly mentioned earlier. The News and Updates has never been used, and I don't know if it'll ever be used so I can't comment on that. The Feedback forum again could simply be a thread in a much more general forum. The Test Zone is also fine as the way it is, and I have no comment about the Members Only! forum.


What I'm trying to say is, the forum needs to eliminate many of the subforums because it makes it look like it's deserted (which it is) and that's unwelcoming. I understand that Gawaher is interested in providing some sort of tools for Muslim webmasters sometime in the foreseeable future, but that hasn't happened yet and that can all fit under that one general forum with maybe 1 or 2 subforums. Start small, and then branch out as the forum becomes more popular. Also, may I suggest a name change? Instead of "Free Islamic Webmasters' Services" why not make it "Muslim Webmasters" or something along those lines, "free" seems a bit to cheesy and "services" too limiting as far as topics go.


These are merely my suggestions. How does everyone else feel? Please post your insights/comments/suggestions.


Thanks for reading. :D

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